Thanking Jorja Campaign Day …

Details on the campaign below the cut. Remember, due date is Dec 22nd!
Here's the funny! I forgot to count things. No idea how long the project's been going on (since after Jorja's EW interview) or how many letters etc. I've got (it's almost an inch high so … a lot?). However I printed up the first set of photos you guys sent me, and they came out pretty good. I think my ink is goofy, but it'll do. I'm not going to start putting it into the scrap book until January, and I plan on sorting them into sections like 'Activism' (for people who became vegetarian or marched for charity because of Jorja's influence) and 'Goodbye!' (for people who will miss Jorja).

Or maybe I'll shuffle it and make it crazy!

So far I have a bunch of pictures, a couple CDs, one DVD (which I did watch and listen to, to screen out porn – Not that I don't trust you guys!). I DO NOT read your letters! I skim them to make sure that it really is a letter for Jorja. I get a lot of mail of people asking me to pass on things to Jorja, in a way un-related to this campaign, so I do have to spot-check what I get. Your stories are personal for Jorja, though, not me, and I don't want people to feel violated knowing I've got them.

And it's not too late! If you snail-mail me something, please include your email address, or better still, email me to tell me it's coming. My mailman is getting a kick out of this. “Who do you know in Greece?” she demanded yesterday. I explained, and she said she'd keep an eye out for anything that gets unduly held up.

I'd like to get it all in by Dec 22, so given the Holiday Crush, you better get the mail in now if you're snail-mailing. If you think you might miss the cut off, email me. If you're shipping something with a tracking number, may as well pass me that, and I'll go to the main Postie office by my work and check on things.

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