Inauthentic despite wrinkles?

Dianne Butler, of the Australian newspaper The Courier-Mail, says of Sara and Jorja:

I WAS shocked at the amount of wrinkle-relaxing poison in the face of Jorja Fox when I watched CSI last week. There wasn’t any. She just looked like the rest of us, ie: a corrugated iron roof from some angles.

She was back for Warrick’s funeral, an episode that required some emotion to register on his colleagues’ face. So it worked out well for her. […]

I don’t know how much more we’re going to see of Jorja and her character Sara and I don’t care […]. Although Sara did deliver one of the more convincing, authentic-sounding lines I think I’ve ever heard on CSI.

It was when she and that other cop went to Warrick’s house to get him an outfit to wear in his coffin and his bed wasn’t made and she said how she’d been to so many murder scenes, she would never leave her house in the morning until she’d made her bed and taken the rubbish out, in case she never came home.

For the full article, please visit the source: The Courier-Mail (19 October 2008)

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  1. Hmm…I wonder of Miss. Butler was complimenting Jorja/Sara? 😕 I personally think that Jorja’s face has character, which is partly what makes her such a great actress. She’s natural, she makes Sara relatable and looks ‘just like the rest of us’-apart from, she has the sort of features that even as she gets older, she still looks undeniably gorgeous! 😉 Part of why Jorja is so appealing is that she doesn’t concern herself over these types of things-and that’s very admirable, especially for an actress of her age, living in a place like L.A. :roll: She lets her personality shine through.
    I’m only fifteen (so I can’t say for sure that I won’t change my mind when I’m a lot older) but I definitely want to be like Jorja-free and living with enthusiasm-not worrying about unimportant things such as wrinkles. Expression is a GOOD thing. :smile:
    I hope that Dianne was only joking with the ‘corrugated iron roof…’ thing. I do get it, but still-surely that’s not really the best of comparisons? 😯 Then again, I guess it’s just the Australian sense of humour…
    😆 😀 😛

  2. i think thats what you call a back handed compliment. Though I admit it was a bit harsh. I love Jorja or else I would not be on this website however, I do think that smoking is starting to have an aging effect on Jorjas skin – she is starting to get those little lines around her mouth that smokers get & look dehydrated. She should quit now!

  3. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    Now there’s a thought … The Fan Campaign for Jorja to quit smoking 😉 Raise a bunch of money and tell her we’ll donate it when she quits. To the … American Lung Association.

  4. sounds good to me..

  5. I applaud Jorja for going all natural :smile: .. I mean most actors/actresses go for the botox/plastic surgery.. I look up those women who want to age naturally instead of enhancements of any kind.. I’m not saying we couldn’t do more for our bodies (after all our bodies are our temples..) I am a female 28yrs. old and have two children.. I rather have my daughter look up to dora instead of barbie.. barbie gives little girls a complex, my daughter asked me if she was skinny enough and she is going to be 8.. So all natural, wrinkels, gray hair the works.. Love it, appreciate it and approve it..

  6. I also think that its great that shes natural and a down-to-earth person – its good she is not botoxed to death like most hollywood actresses over a certain age. I just don’t think that smoking related problems can be classed as natural.

  7. More power to her! I am 29 and seriously considering Botox for a worry wrinkle on my forehead. Kudos to her for being comfortable in her own skin at the age of 40.

    BTW, I’ll donate the first $100 to the “quit smoking” campaign. I absolutely CRINGE when i see photos of her descimating her lungs with that crap.

  8. Annie, I doubt any fan campaign would make a difference. From what i’ve heard the decision to quit has to be the smokers alone – or it doesn’t work. I don’t understand how someone so intelligent as Jorja can be so passionate about animals health and welfare but not about her own health. But shes a big girl and its really none of our business and I still admire her anyway.

  9. Poppie_lee says:

    I love that she doesn’t spend all her time and money on ways to look younger. Jorja has always held an inner beauty that you won’t find in any bottle or neddle. Although I do think she should give up the cigs.

    Oh and Happy Birthday JAA!!!!

    Keeping the Faith!

    Poppie x x x.

  10. I actually think the ‘stop smoking campaign’ is a genius idea. Money could be raised anyway, and then if Jorja quits she can have a donation done to a relevant charity, in her name, with the motivation.

    It could be a great incentive for Jorja too, couldn’t it? I totally understand what other people are saying about ‘quitting smoking’, but different people can have different triggers that will eventually allow them to take that final leap.

    We know Jorja has been thinking about it for a long time, why not giving it a go. It would show we care for the cause, for a life without smoke in general, and for her. And it could be a great publicity and incentive for other people too. Can you imagine the titles: ‘Celeb gives up smoking after fans raise money for charity to ask her to quit’ (well, something better than that) 😆

    I personally second the idea with no resevations, I think it is genius! 💡

  11. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    The Great American Smokeout is on American Thanksgiving Day. While normally I’d whip myself into a frenzy to set it up, JAA’s going to start the Holiday Fundraiser, and I want to pimp their advocacy too :)

    So that gives me a little time to make some pretty ‘Quit Smoking!’ page for everything :) The short version is that Mel is 100% right. We can’t get Jorja to quit. But. We can raise money either for a place like or the ACS (American Cancer Society) to help cure Lung Cancer. And either way, send Jorja a card with support for her effort to quit (which she says she’s doing)

    Dang it, this is the kind of things the forums were perfect for! I need to get on that! I mean, come on, we could make VIDEOS of ourselves asking people to quit!

  12. What lines and wrinkles?! Unlike some people who shall remain nameless, Jorja doesn’t look like she just rolled off the assembly line at Plastics R Us. She’s gorgeous, imaginary wrinkles and all.

  13. AnnaSophia says:

    Jorja has always had those expression lines in her forehead, which gives her face character. How come nobody critizes the men for their wrinkles? But I do agree that smoking does in fact accelerate the aging process.. Please Jorja, quit now..

  14. I wasn’t critising Jorja for her natural wrinkles, she looks beautiful – just the unnatural ones I think that I could see starting around her mouth from the cigs when I watched that recent CSI episode. She is an over 20yr smoker and it catches up with everyone eventually. I am just concerned that if she doesn’t quit soon then the aging process will be the least of her health worries.

  15. jorjafoxfan1 says:

    Im always surprised when I hear the Jorja is still smoking. It seems that she is all about natural products and eating healthy. It’s totally contradictory that she would willingly ingest all the poisons from cigarettes into her body.

  16. still water says:

    I know that being a smoker is not a very nice thing, but she’s a grown up woman. She can decide if she wants to quit. I think it’s a very ugly thing to make her guilty about it. It’s kinda like a good hearted blackmailing. But I think it’s still blackmailing. Or emotional terror.

  17. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    What about supporting her?

    Jorja Fox smokes, and there

  18. I totally support the idea of the ‘smoke campaign’, and I think some reactions are a bit over the top, maybe?

    Personally, I consider more likely that Jorja will indeed quit smoking in answer to her fans’ creative support than she will feel emotionally blackmailed or even ‘terrified’. Come on!
    If the fans’ opinion must have no bearings on Jorja’s decisions (and I am certainly not implying that it should), then I would be confident it won’t on her emotional status either!

    I am sure she will appreciate the true spirit of this idea.

  19. I don’t think it’s a good idea, she’s an adult what she does in her personal live is her business and what if right now is not a good time for her to try quitting.

  20. jorjafoxfan1 says:

    It would be extra hard if the people she surrounds herself with also smoke. They would need to support her and maybe be willing to quit themselves.

  21. How will this work. Jorja stops smoking and money raised is given to a charity. What if she can’t stop or relapses, there would be photos of her smoking on the Internet. would people ask for their money back. I think this could end up being embarasing for her.

  22. I suppose as much as people would ask for the money they gave to Animal Acres back if Jorja stopped being vegeterian, i.e. doesn’t make sense.

    I am not going to take on any mod role that doesn’t belong to me, but the person who runs this website is certain adult enough, and has always been exceptionally respectful of Jorja’s privacy to propose this idea and carry it through in a friendly, creative manner.
    The worries about this ‘smoke campaign’ are becoming ridiculous.
    Money will be raised for charity anyway, and Jorja will receive a friendly pat on the back with the message ‘Mate, we think you should quit because we care’ (and please don’t take the quote literally).
    She is not a porcelain doll, she won’t break down.

    I am sure once Ipstenu posts the details of this, it will become clear to everyone that there isn’t anything menacing in this idea.

  23. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    I share all those concerns. That’s why details are hazy right now. You guys are picking up on nuances that could be seen as emotional blackmail.

    The plan is NOT to ask Jorja to quit. That’ll never work and it’s mean. The current plan is to promote a smoke free world, by supportin people who are trying to quit, including Jorja, and raising money for something like the American Lung Assc. A place that wants to help.

    I’m not a vegetarian, but I donate to Animal Acres. You don’t have to e a smoker to help out the people in your life who are. Just telling them you care does a lot. My mom says that’s why she quit. And even though my dad still smokes, he knows I’m there every time he wants to smoke one less.

    No, this has to be done VERY carefully, so I’m taking my time to get it right and not offend you or Jorja.

  24. still water says:

    I think if somebody really wants to give up smoking she finds the way to quit. Even if it’s hard. I think it’s a personal matter. I love charity things, I even voted for charity in your poll but I think there are more important issues, like environmental issues, poverty, sick kids. Pick any of them.

  25. The American Lung Association strives to cure air pollution (environmentalism) and sick kids (who are suffering from lung related illnesses). And The Clean Air Council looks for alternative energy.

    Again, this is not a ‘Get Jorja to quit smoking’ idea anymore. That was a bit of a joke in the beginning, but it can be used as a jump-point to do something better.

    Now that said, in order to enforce the fact that we’re doing this for a greener, cleaner world, what do you all think about ? They’re still a bit on the ‘Smoking BAD!’ bandwagon, but admittedly it’s a big polluter. There’s also

    Do you have an environmental/clean air group you favor?

  26. still water says:

    As for myself I think I do everything I can for clean air. I don’t have a car.

  27. When it comes to smoking it is down to the person to make the decision as Jorja frequently does!It is the people who surround her that smoke and offer her one and those who buy them for her that do her no good.They may as well give her a gun. I work for the British NHS and although I no longer work on the wards I remember a lot about smoking related illnesses.Unfortunately just as many people smoke in my profession as do in Jorja’s and my profession should know better!

  28. Its a real contradiction and some would say hypocritical how many celebrities so publically support other cancer associations and yet continue to smoke. Its like they are saying breast and ovarian cancer is bad and lung, throat & mouth cancer is OK. Its takes the gloss of their message for me. Ipstenu, I think you should donate to the American Lung Association after all its not only smoking that causes lung damage.

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