Fake Jorja Fox Twitter account suspended

If you go to http://twitter.com/jorjafox or try and look at your old tweets to and from @jorjafox on Twitter, you were in for a surprise today. The account is suspended.

This doesn’t surprise me. Last month I emailed Jorja’s personal assistant, apologizing for mixing it up with the fake account (honestly, I do know better, I just lost my temper a bit), and mentioning that he (or the agency) actually had the authority to tell Twitter to shut down the account. He said he’d look into it. Clearly it had an effect. I owe him a thank you card.

Now, my personal view on how Twitter handles fakes, bullies, and harassers aside, I want to remind you all there are a couple easy ways to tell if a celeb account is fake on Twitter. Once you’ve figured out someone’s fake, yes, tell people, but be aware this may start their supporters cyberbullying you. If that happens, right now all you can do is block the users on Twitter, but I also suggest opening help tickets with Twitter about it. Today, all they do is intervene if there are specific violent threats, but hopefully that will change one day.

The URL: This one’s pretty easy. If they use a URL of a fansite, or of Twitter itself, it’s probably not the real deal. Most stars have their own URLs. Jorja has two, and one of them is her personal stuff, so she would, logically, point to that. Another good trick they use is to point to things like this: http://https://twitter.com/ACCOUNT Notice how it’s got two http calls in there? As far as I’ve been able to tell, anyone with this sort of URL is one of a series of rather aggressive, hate filled, people who have harassed quite a few people (myself included). These people I automatically block AND report as spam!

The Language: There’s a fake Nicollette Sheridan account that posts things like “MAN YOU ARE JUST AS UGLY AS A PERSON GETS, THATS FOR SURE….OINK OINK, I SEE A PIGGY!!” I don’t claim to be the Nicollette expert like I am Jorja, but even I can look at that and go “This is NOT her!” Sure, certain stars are known for foul language (I stopped following Kevin Smith because he’s not safe for work!) but generally stars know better than to act the raw prawn in public. Once again, block these people and report as spam.

The Followers: Actually, by this I mean the people they follow and who follow them back. Once you know one account is fake, take a look at who follows them. Odds are, if they’re followed by (and follow) another account you know to be fake, then they’re probably fake too. The MargHelg twitter account, for example, follows the JorjaFox one, AND posts that she’ll DM her information. Can we say fake, children? Block and report as spam.

I wish I could tell you why people feel the need to fake being a celeb. It’s probably the same reason they feel it’s okay to bully people. I also wish Twitter and Facebook did a little more to protect people who are being harassed by these sorts, but that’s an ongoing personal project of mine. I personally believe in accountability, both online and offline. Take ownership for your actions. Which is why I admonish people for attacking the attackers. Fight back, but fight back wisely and correctly. Report them as spam and file a complained. If enough of us do it, we can change the world.


  1. Finally suspended. 😉

    I don’t get it, why someone would do that ( pretending to be a celebrity ) ? They feel powerful, important, listened… loved ?

    No I really don’t get it…

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      I can’t sort it out either, honestly. I can see pretending to be friends with her (that’s an obvious ego thing), but pretending to BE her? Weird.

  2. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    Since this confused someone:

    Most stars have their own URLs. Jorja has two, and one of them is her personal stuff, so she would, logically, point to that.

    I mean Jorja has two URLs. Two websites: jorjafox.org and jorjafox.com are BOTH owned by her and used by her. If she had a REAL twitter account for us to chat with? She’d point to one of them.

    • oh yeah i had to see that , and its good point explain the 2 URLS that Jorja has. But we Wld never know if Jorja did get to have her own account on twitter or Facebook :).. I also Agree that twitter and facebook shall have something like that to protect the people from being harassed, or being fooled by wanna be the real celebrites on fb man. :)

  3. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    FYI, another fun one:

    Click on the image to see it full size. Yellow are my public tweets, blue are realJorja’s public tweets, and green are the DMs between us.

    I don’t know why they think WE think the REAL Jorja would act like this.

  4. so well u not sure if it was’nt her the Jorja, but jorja would’nt act like that . If it is real Jorja fox she will not act like that becauese shes a spirt of free love an down to earth Person kind thing:)

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      Oh, no, I’m sure it’s NOT Jorja.

      1) Her PA has my cell phone number
      2) I have his (she asked him to give it to me)
      3) He and I email chat once every so often, so I know he knows how to get me
      4) She can’t answer a VERY simple question.

      Seriously. A minute, tops, to look at your phone and give out 4 numbers. But to GUESS that? 9999 possible options. Good luck! 👿

      • that one very smart thing to ask that the last 4 numbers yeah its guess that many possable quess of that chance:P anyway did u remember i told u while back earlier that i sent a letter to Jorja for autograph and asked her permisson to make myspace with her approval or her Manger’s approval after they check can check that site . Soo well Ur lucky person out of all millions wanted to met Jorja fox :)

  5. I talked with Jorja during the Animal Acres Gala. One of the question I asked directly to her was about her twitter accoun;, her reply was that she DOESN’T have any twitter or facebook account and she only has the website (she knows that she has to actualize it but she has been busy).

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      That’s similar to what her assistant told me too. I didn’t ask her, mind, but I figure if she DOES get Twitter, she’d let us all know it was her :)

      • I didn’t see her interested in getting any account (but that is my personal opinion). Anyway, Jorja is the nicest person I ever met so, as Jenn says, she woulnd’t act like that.

        BTW, the next time I go to Chicago I will contact you to have a coffee, if you don’t mind 😎

      • o yeah I have to agree with you guys :) thats right that i said that Jorja would’nt act like that :) shes too smart to do that:) But Im with you Ipstenu that u said one day when she gets any of twitter or Facebook she’ll let us know , But to me I think in disant far future she might do that when shes not Busy, I for one Wish that many people who wane to bes Jorja on twitter or facebook to be stopped intsead it contiune keep this stupid act to tell fans thats her intsead to find its fake :) How can we get that bullying and harasses stop for those wanna bes ?

  6. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    Here’s one that @jorjaFoxFanatic came up with:

    All celebs should post a crazy photo with them holding something stating their twitter URL.. like them with it written on their FACES! :)

    I second that! Hold up a sign, or wear something, or write it on duct tape and put it on their face. But post SOMETHING so we can go “Yah, it’s them!”

    I kinda can’t wait to see the photoshopping that will ensue…

  7. I noticed on one of those fake accounts that “Jorja” was following Paris Hilton! You have to ask yourself, “Why would Jorja Fox follow Paris Hilton?”! I would think that would be a telling clue right there as to the authenticity of whether or not that person was really Jorja Fox.

    This whole thing really makes me wonder what the heck the deal is anyway. I really don’t understand why anyone would claim to be who they are not as it is really easy to find out who they really are in today’s computer world! I guess it just takes all kinds of people to make up this world!

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