Jorja and Marg at LAX

We think they were headed to Las Vegas, since Dayna Roselli, the Morning News Anchor at KLAS-TV Channel 8 (CBS), reported that CSI is in town. They’re probably filming the finale!

Jorja and Marg at LAX Gallery
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Thanks to Margamania for the pictures!

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  1. Thanks for posting! I know it’s bad but the two of them smoking together is just so damn hot…

  2. Sidle-Idol says:

    Thanks for the photo’s! I think I also see Lelah Foster a few times in the picture, isn’t she Jorja’s friend and stuntdouble? Jorja looks fabulous by the way!

  3. charlene says:

    Great to have company when traveling.

    I know smoking is a very difficult habit to break, but I hope Jorja is well: If you listen to her on CSI, sometimes her breathing sounds labored.

    Looking forward to the episode they are off to shoot!!

  4. AnnaSophia says:

    Thanks for the pics. They both look fresh … I think Jorja is one of the few people that look good without a zinch of makeup.

    • Sharron says:

      These two women seem to be “aging” backwards. That is, they get younger looking every year. I wish I knew their secret! :smile:

  5. Ashley Jennings says:

    Aw it’s cute that they travel together! :)

    Smoking-bad! I didn’t know that Marg smoked. Actually, Jorja either really…but it seems the norm for most actor type people to smoke!

    They both look great!

  6. Nice photos

  7. Looks like they get treated like the rest of us by TSA, smoking? Geeezzzee ladies, get the patch and save yourself!

  8. Orgullo de nuesra tierra 😉

  9. Mad-for Jorja says:

    Jorja looks super cool in all these pictures.
    I find it funny that Marg has a huge suitcase and Jorja only have a shall shoulder bag. I guess they could be traveling for different amounts of time, but I still thinks it’s funny.

  10. So that’s Jorja “Wood”? 😛

  11. yep, they both look super young and gorgeous. yep, the smoking looks hot, thou i myself hate it. her breathing does sound labored. she does look amazing without a zilch of makeup. and yep, that is Lelah. damn, i got no comments of my own! =P

  12. I love pictures of these two together. They look cute together, and have really good chemistry.

  13. Wish there was a way to send a message to you all privately — but it’s this question and I’d really love to hear responses…

    Do any of you feel kinda dirty looking at papparazzi pictures? I do. I mean, this isn’t red carpet or official events — it’s walking through security, hugging a friend, sorting through luggage for the scanner and having a smoke! Geez… talk about loss of privacy!

    (And yeah — she’s pretty even without makeup and even in sports socks; Marg’s fav purple bag is very nice; smoking is a bit depressing but hey, we all have our vices.)

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      I had to think on that last night.

      My answer: Yes and no.

      Sometimes I feel weird, but if I looked at a photo and went ‘I can’t post that on JFO’ then I wouldn’t. I mean, I might mention ‘Jorja was seen at…’ and link to a site with the pics, but I wouldn’t post it here. Haven’t hit that yet 😉

    • AnnaSophia says:

      I do feel kinda strange looking at paparazzi pics. I’m like “Should I be looking at these?”. But hey they are aware that they are being photographed so I guess it’s ok this time around. 😎

  14. I agree whith you,elaine !!

  15. I agree with Elaine, we all have our vices but we are not seen by millions of people around the world many of them young.I was on 40 cigs a day back in my early twenties and if I can give up anyone can. I know people stuggle as they do in my profession in the NHS.It is a pressure thing. Unfortunately it is also down to person themselves there is nothing anyone can do. Sad though when you consider how many actors have died from cancer ( that is what this is really about) in their fifties, two in the last six months.

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      Smoking is an addiction. Nicotine is addictive. SOME people have an easy time quitting. I did. My uncle struggles every day. It’s part willpower, part physiology. I’d love for Jorja to quit because of the cancer possibility, but I can’t harp on her just because she smokes because I know she IS trying. So I support her trying to quit and always say that :) I wish her luck, and I hope it helps knowing she has support from practical strangers!

  16. Smoking or not, these are two very lovely ladies who obviously care about each other as only dear friends can. Smoking isn’t good, but I might do it too if it made me look as thin and vibrant as they do. :smile:

    • I think there’s more to it than just smoking. And smoking IS BAD.
      They look great though.

  17. The remark I made about smoking was just in jest. I watched my brother die at a very young age due to the damage that smoking did to his lungs so I’m very much aware of how bad it is.

    Still, I do agree that both women look great and I’m glad that we got to see those photos.

  18. I am glad we got the photos and they are lovely woman.Jorja Fox is a grown woman and she does not need our protection unless someone, Male or Female is a total bitch in the press or a supposed friend ect.I’m sure she savey about smoking.Most of us would not be here if we did care.

  19. I mean did not care.

  20. i thought marg quite? *red somthing awhile back and i mean a while back. 2 yers ago or so* mmm is it just me,but if you got the chance to meet jorja would you say somthing about how bad smoking is and how you would cry if she died. explace at a young becasue fo the smoking.

  21. I recently sent Jorja an article about smoking. I felt I was kind of being way more forward that I should have, and I know it’s none of my business whether she chooses to smoke or not, but it was a really good article with good suggestions on why and how to quit and I thought she might enjoy it. I don’t have a clue if she’ll get it but I tried. I only wish the best for her.

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