November 2010


November started strong with Jorja being listed as a series regular for Ep #9 “Wild Life”. We also got a lot of promo pics for “Wild Life”, which was pretty awesome. We did not get Jorja in Fracked. Is this a conspiracy to keep Jorja and Katee Sackhoff apart? We also got a photo from the only ep to air in December, 418/427 (yes that’s the name) set to air December 9th (and Jorja’s listed as a series regular again). After that, you have to wait a month for a new CSI because we don’t get anymore till January.

Also we got a few Candid photos from seasons 10 and 11 (thanks S!) and the title of the 13th episode … The Two Mrs. Grissoms. Yeah, I know!

CSI Episodes
• Nov 4th, “Bump and Grind” (4 stars) | Recap | Screencaps | Video #1 | Video #2 | Discussion Post
• Nov 18th, “Wild Life” (3 stars) | Recap | Screencaps | Video #1 | Video #2 | Discussion Post

Jorja Fox: Producer

Remember Stay Forever: The Life and Music of Dusty Springfield? Well they want to put it up as a musical off-Broadway! December 1st is the last day to help donate (which is part of why this is going up a weeee bit early). They need $2800 to make it, so if you can help out, even a buck would do.

Jorja is producing a movie to help save elephants. How I Became An Elephant is one of those heart rending powerful movies. You have been warned.


This winter, I’m raising money for Animal Acres. The early goal is $500, but that may go up if you guys keep chipping in! As incentive for you, I’m offering to post a new bit of Missing Persons media every time a new person donates! (This is to stop some smart aleck from donating $1 six days in a row… )

The 2010 Fundraiser for Animal Acres has brought us the following rewards:
Screencaps from Episode 01×16 “Tell me you didn’t do it…”
Screencaps from Episode 01×01 “Pilot”
Video from Episode 01×01 “Pilot” of Connie flashing her badge
Video from Episode 01×01 “Pilot” of Connie setting up a cheating husband AND Screencaps for 01×02 “Cabe? … What kind of name is that?”
Video from 01×02 “Cabe? … What kind of name is that?” of Connie at the piano
Video from 01×02 “Cabe? … What kind of name is that?” of Connie being hit on by a married man
Screencaps from 01×03 “People Don’t Talk to Cops, People Lie to Cops”
Video from 01×03 “People Don’t Talk to Cops, People Lie to Cops” of Connie bringing in bagels

Donations are open until January 15th!

Animal Acres Winter 2010 Fundraiser


Since it was slow around Halloween, I put up some Missing Persons Videos for you to grin at. That carried into the charity incentive, so the rest of the clips will wait for that.

Oh. And as it turned out, November 15th is the anniversary of this domain! Which I never kept track of before. Heh. It’s logged in my calendar now. Perhaps in ‘honor’ of that, I cranked out a new group (aka forum) on the site for GSR Fans, and then I turned on Achievements, so you get ‘rewards’ for things like commenting on the site and so on. Since it doesn’t work retroactively, I went though and awarded as many as I could remember (like if you donated to charity between now and 2008, you got the Advocate Award). Some of them are hidden, so you’ll have to post and comment and see what happens!

StudioPress Theme of the Month


  1. Weird that people are only donating $1.00. When I donated, it was a minimum of $10.00. Hmm…

    • There shouldn’t be a minimum at all… I think except the $1 … Crowdrise handles all that, though, I just set the projected total. Less work for me!

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