Press Release – CSI 11×03: Blood Moon

This was filmed fourth and will air third. Just to mess with your head.

“Blood Moon” – A vampire and werewolf convention is at the heart of a murder investigation in Las Vegas, on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Thursday, Oct. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Actors Thad Luckinbill and Michael Graziadei from CBS’s “The Young and The Restless” guest star as vampire and werewolf enthusiasts. Comedian Andy Dick guest stars as an armory dealer.

Dr. Raymond Langston: Laurence Fishburne
Catherine Willows: Marg Helgenberger
Nick Stokes: George Eads
Captain Jim Brass: Paul Guilfoyle
Greg Sanders: Eric Szmanda
Dr. Robbins: Robert David Hall
David Phillips: David Berman
Hodges: Wallace Langham

Sara Sidle: Jorja Fox

Source: CBS Press Express


  1. Seems to me that CSI writers are Twihards and reality addicts Vampires and Werewolves and an episode about Hoarders. I just hope Jora (Sara) has a big slice of the action in these episodes.

  2. twilight band wagon anyone! oh well hope its a good one.

  3. My 16 year old adopted niece leant me the books when I was sick with the flu last autumn. I thought they were hysterically funny. Of course, then her mom pointed out that they were written in seriousness, which terrifies me.

    And if I have to pick? Team Jacob. Hi, he’s hotter, better written, and his actor was Shark Boy from “The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl”

    • Introduce your niece to Jane Austin or Charlotte Bronte. Taylor Lautner is a hunk. I haven’t read or seen the Twilight Saga but anything to get kids to read.

      • She’s read them. We had a hoot re-reading Pride and Prejudice, and then ‘… And Zombies’ too. She thought the Twilight books were a comedy too, though. Smart kid. She’s at college now!

    • I’m all for Team Alice. Gender doesn’t matter — they have way better chemistry.

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