CSI 12×01: 73 Seconds Official Promo (Updated!)

A lot can happen in 73 seconds.  We’re Jorja light, but …

I was going to hold off on posting this until I could get a version I could watch.  My office now blocks cbs.com/video so … I’ve not seen this yet!  As soon as it’s up online for everyone, I’ll swap the video out.

Okay! Un-locked! Now viewable by all nations!


  1. Administrator
    Ipstenu says:

    FYI you may be able to see it here. I was. http://www.imdb.com/video/cbs/vi1997184025/ :lol:

  2. I like the promo and the song used with it, just not enough Jorja, or Eric. I guess this is going to be more about Catherine and Nick in the aftermath of Raskell, and the introduction of DB and Morgan.
    But it is well done, and I like the ‘mystery solved’ message. I am very much looking forward to the premiere. And more Sara in future episodes. .

  3. awwwwwww!!
    jorja is so cute ! :smile:

  4. Damn I’m looking forward to this. Ted Danson is looking better than I first thought for this role. He’s a real TV actor, now we’ll get CSI back on track without bignoted movie stars butting in. (Sorry not a Langston fan) Hope we see more of Jorja in that episode.

  5. Sara’s adorable, song Illuminated from Hurts (i love them) fits it well, and Ted Danson looks fine :) Just dont like seeing Cath & Nick “fighting” :)

  6. Once again im sorry, can someone tell me what they say Cath&DB and Cath&Nick, really trying to understand what they say, but my english isnt that perfect :DD

    • Administrator
      Ipstenu says:

      Not a problem :) The music makes it hard to hear!

      DB: What do you think?
      Catherine: You’re the boss. You should stop asking me what I think.
      DB: Glad we got that out of the way.


      Catherine: We lead with our hearts, instead of our heads.
      Nick: I wouldn’t change a thing.
      Catherine: Maybe he’s just what this team needed.

      (The ‘he’ Catherine refers to is DB.) :cool:

      • Oh, thank you so much! Very kind of you :)

      • I thought that Catherine said the “he was just what the team needed.” I thought it was a reference to Ray; but I’m partially deaf so I some times hear thing differently. Example a friend mentioned there cholera in Haiti I hear they got caller Id. Maybe I should start using Closed Captioning.