Jorja Fox, Bob Barker, and ADI On The Hill Roundup

Jorja Speaking in DC
Jorja in DC

Images are up in the ADI on the Hill Gallery for starters. Thanks everyone for the links to even more photos! I’m adding them as I get them (there are some Getty Images, but they’re not publicly released).

There are bunch of official ADI videos, but they’re pretty bad quality.  I’m hoping C-SPAN comes up with one (they normally do if they managed to tape this at all).

Then we have some quotes:

Known to 73million CSI viewers as Sara Sidle, today Jorja Fox said: “It is time to say that elephants should not be kept in chains nor lions, tigers, bears and monkeys in small cages on the backs of trucks. This Bill has the potential to eradicate considerable animal suffering and I believe it will be embraced by Americans.”

Source: ADI

“Congress has a responsibility to protect the welfare of animals and ensure public safety. A prohibition on the use of exotic and wild animals in traveling circuses is proportionate, responsible, the least expensive solution to this problem, and long overdue.

We call on Congress to bring to an end, once and for all, the abuse and suffering that has been exposed by ADI time and time again.”

Source: Fotopeep

“Our kids look to us for what is right and our kids look to us for what is fun and I think we can do more for our kids by doing the compassionate thing and the respectful thing. If our kids knew how cruel and violent these events were, I think they would actually be very disappointed in us for bringing them to these places,” Fox said on the Hill Wednesday morning.

Source: Washington Examiner

Let’s hope this bill passes!  If you’re an American Citizen, you can help!  Write your Congressman and ask them to vote to protect animals.

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  1. Thank you very much for the photos and videos! 😆
    The quality of video at normal :mrgreen:

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      Check out the pics again 😀 I just got non-watermarked versions of the Getty images! ❗

  2. it’s weird, because where i live in canada, if a circus has non-domestic animals of any sort with it, they are not allowed to stop in out town, and only a few towns in our province will allow them too. up until 10 years ago i had assumed the same for everywhere and almost thought that circus’ like those were (rightfully) against the law.
    I am very glad to see that Jorja Fox is standind up for the animals that can not speak for themselves.

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      Sure, which is why Cirque du Soleil exists :) I always thought Canada had the right of it with not allowing animals like that.

  3. Thanks for the photos.
    I watched the video streaming and I feel informed but a little worried that this might be swept under the rug in lieu of more important issues. I hope the congressman and the other advocates at the forum don’t allow this to happen. I intend to write my congressman and hope that others will do the same.
    Go Jorja!

  4. Thanks for the pictures! 😆
    I want to see Lelah. 😳

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      I have no idea if she went, but keep in mind, this is Jorja Fox online, so any pictures you get of her friends and family who are with her are a bonus for you. I don’t add them if Jorja’s not in the picture.

  5. interview :smile:

  6. Jorja Fox addresses Congress


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