CSI 11×13 “The Two Mrs. Grissoms” Discussion Post (Updated)

Guest Stars Marlee Matlin as Professor Julia Holden and Phyllis Frelich as Mrs. Betty Grissom. Oh and this guy you may know? William Petersen? Yeah, he’s here. Gil Grissom will appear via Skype (kind of like Sara did in “Leave Out All The Rest”). GSR fangirls and boys, please remember to inhale and exhale at regular intervals. Thanks.

By the way, instead of coming up with the best quotes, like I normally do on the JorjaPedia, I’m going to let y’all suggest them! Post your favorite Sara quote in the comments and if I like it, it’ll make it in the entry!

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A night full of celebration ends with a bang when the director of a scholarship foundation for the deaf is killed by a deadly car bomb, prompting Sara to interrogate the students and faculty of the college where her mother-in-law works.



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I .. I … Right. So yeah. There’s that. Watch this. 5 stars, no questions asked, and I’m going to go watch it again. This time without having to pay attention for recapping.

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  2. I’m supposed to get work done today?

  3. I pray they haven’t already shown us all the good parts. It seems *too much* has already been given away in the previews. I hope I’m wrong!

  4. 7 hours and 30 minutes and counting!
    Too excited for words right now, except, YAAAAYYYYYY!!!

  5. I so hope we get to see Nick get what’s deserved–and not just with a look! And how could anyone NOT like Sara??

  6. Cecy Gomez says:

    I already have my countdown!!
    Im sooo excited!! πŸ˜€

  7. I don’t know but i’m thinking that Mr Grissom will appear more than just in a video conference. They will surprise us just as in way to go. Or maybe is just my hope working !!!!

  8. poppie_lee says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Excited!!! Good luck TPTB lets hope you didn’t mess this up!!!!!

    Keep the Faith!
    poppie x x x.

  9. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    FYI, after you see the episode (Hi, Canadians, you can start spoiling us now!) feel free to vote on it. :)

  10. Dear Self: you have work to do over the next 2 hours. Don’t spend all your time spoiling …

    Oh who am I kidding?

  11. please start spoiling!!!

  12. AbraCadaver says:

    SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIADOCIOUS!!!! Cannot stop beaming at how great the episode is and I can’t wait to see it again at 9.

    You won’t be disappointed. πŸ’‘

  13. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    What can I spoil without ruining it.

    1) Remember the plant (Burden of Proof).
    2) Grissom is at the very end.
    3) GSR will explode.

    Oh, and the ‘he’ who wants Sara off the case is Brass. Because this is awkward.


  15. They remembered the plant? I really am going to die.

  16. I’m officially the happiest girl in the world ( and the most tired, it’s 3AM here) πŸ˜€

    The end is soooo nice. ( I’d like to thank canadians fellows and rapid rivers for helping me seeing the episode this night)

    Marlee is just wonderful ( and so beautiful), and I feel sorry for her at the end ( she seems to be Grissom alike concerning works)

    So… one more time and then sleep !

    Rating ? 6 stars on 5 πŸ˜›

  17. ohhhh veji_Ninijik where did you see the episode. i think i am from the same country as you and am searching everywhere!!!

  18. Yay, I found a way to watch it in Brazil tonight! I’m so excited – it’s past 1 am in here and I would watch the episode all over again if I could. Best quote ever: “Gil and I have great sex.” LOL

  19. The episode was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love all around…….. The last scene had me almost in tears….

  20. This was the best episode of CSI in a long time! No only did it have GSR with actual Grissom, but it was funny and clever with a great plotline and story. I love that they remembered the plant and the ‘I love yous’ at the end. :) And wasn’t Hodges rambling hilarious? Best Hodges moment in a long time!

  21. It was fantastic. I just watched it again too. Jorja was luminous…masterful…funny and sympathetic. Of course both Julia and Betty Grissom would be charmed by Sara in the end! Can’t help but love that girl.

  22. WHEW!

    That took WAY longer to recap, screencap and … yeah. 90 minutes to screencap! Jorja was in almost every scene. That’s more than EVER before! Never have we had so much Jorja in one episode! Not even “Dead Doll.”

    *pant pant faint*. And it was a good episode. Great acting all around, fun moments, silly moments, and Jorja’s much better than a ‘clam’ at ASL.

    Oh yeah. I’m glad they’re not all like this. I’d be dead. πŸ‘Ώ

  23. Cecy Gomez says:

    Amazing episode! I keep watching it over and over haha
    Tension was felt throughout the episode….
    I even got mad at Mrs.G for what she was saying to Sara during their conversations haha xP
    The ending scene was….touching. How Sara asked Mrs G if they could start over again..and she agreed :) Im happy for both of them!
    How I WISH that Grissom does come back SOON like he said during the video call…
    Wonderful episode!!
    and…well…we got TMI on Grissom and Sara’s ‘sex life’ haha xP
    loved Catherine’s line “i’m sure you do” haha gotta love her

    • I kind of got from Grissom’s conversation at the end that maybe he is coming back. WP did say that when MH leave he’ld be back to help send her off. Maybe.

      It was the second best episode this season; first being Hoarders. Even if WP hadn’t of come back I think the episode could have stood on it’s on without him. But he was just the bonus at the end.

      Jorja showed her vunerable side but didn’t slide into sad Sara.

  24. OMFG that episode was amazing! The ending killed me. I didn’t know whether I should cry or squee! It just made me want Grissom back so much more. I know he isnt coming back right now, but that was the perfect….PERFECT set up for him to come back soon.

    I hope we see Betty more, she was a rude old shrew at first, but she grew on me and I love her now!

    masfskdjhfgjksdhfskhfsd I want more GSR.

    First episode I have seen since season 9. Not only was it filled with GSR, it was a GREAT episode. I didn’t even gripe about Ray being in it. Just…ahhh perfect. Loved it.

  25. I loved this episode. the last little tid bit was great and i shedd a couple of tears.

  26. An absolutely perfect episode! Jorja was amazing throughout, and the final scene was soooo sweet! I loved Phyllis as Ma Grissom, and Marlee was also great. It was a pretty interesting case, too, although I have forgotten most of the details. 😳
    Wow! It’s really hard to organize my thoughts right now. I can’t seem to stop smiling! πŸ˜€
    Thank you, Jorja! Thank you, Billy! And, thanks to the writers and ptb! This is definitely one of the best episodes ever!

  27. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! and I haven’t even seen it :roll:

  28. Oops nearly forgot, did Julia survive the explosion?

  29. poppie_lee says:

    Best Episode of the Season!!! πŸ˜€ Best GSR episode ever!!!! :smile: Thank you so much TPTB for giving us a reason to keep watching and a chance to have our questions answered.Jorja was amazing, I loved all the MIL interaction and not to mention the Death glare she gave Julia and Nick!! LMAO!!! Great Job to all involved in this one… oh and thanks to all who reviewed early and those who manage the boards that gave us our fix!!! (Big Hugs to you Ipstenu)

    Keeping the Faith!
    Poppie x x x.

  30. I really loved the episode.Great story, funny and interesting. Grissom as always oblivious to everything besides bugs, and Sara beautiful and stronger than ever. Very funny moments, Brass’s awkward, Hodges’ramblings and Catherine patronizing Sara. The best part was the ending, I almost cried! LOL

  31. I see that Sara now has the “bottled pig” on her desk! Loved it, but it was a bit of a surprise knowing how she feels about animals, etc.

    The best episode ever, and, obviously, the most we’ve heard about their relationship in the entire history of CSI. Since I recorded it on the DVR while I was watching, you can bet I will be viewing it several more times. It will be interesting to see how it’s covered after the season when the DVD boxed set comes out!

    • Well, Catherine may have given her the pig… maybe as a way to have something of Grissom’s close by? Because Grissom gave Catherine the pig when she became swing shift supervisor in season 5 as an “Office warming gift”

      • But, when Nick took over Grissoms office, Hodges brought the Miss Piggy back and said that this is where it belongs. That Pig travels more than I do.

  32. summer_chic says:

    I cannot even begin to explain how much this episode made me feel like I was riding a damn roller coaster! Huge thank you to the writers and producers for not disappointing us. :) This is seriously by far the BEST episode since Grissom left. TOO MUCH FAVORITE MOMENTS! Hodges just killed me there! (no need to elaborate) LOL And the winner for the most epic quote AND moment is Sara Sidle’s: “Gil and I have great sex.” DEAD ON! πŸ˜‰

    Even with the tension and all, I still couldn’t wipe the smile off my face throughout the episode! Jorja Fox has once again showed off an excellent performance! And I have to say that I absolutely love Marlee Matlin! Her acting was amazing!

    Then the ending? Oh God, I was nearly in tears! So glad that the 2 Mrs Grissoms are getting along! πŸ˜› It hit me when Gil said “I love you” to the both of them then Sara’s “I love you, too!” Awwww…. <3

    So to sum up: -insert the most positive adjective you can think of here- EPISODE! (especially for the GSR fans out there) THIS MADE MY DAY!!! :)

  33. The episode was one of the best episodes I ever saw! (maybe the best ever! πŸ˜‰ )
    and the end… i liked the end SO MUCH! I cried πŸ˜›

    and i even learned how much thing about sign language!

  34. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    Many thanks to everyone who emailed me! Including some old friends from college who asked I remembered studying sex-pots in college. Heh. Yes, Mary, I do!

    The following translation is … 90% accurate. Some of Betty’s signs were not ASL, and I took the liberty of combining signs with the words she (and Grissom and Sara) were mouthing/speaking to make it flow.

    Gil Grissom: The graves were littered with pupae casings. It looked like someone dumped a ton of Rice Krispies on top of a bunch of halloween skeletons. It indicated that it wasn’t a proper burial. During the Inca period, there was no greater punishment. We think it was meant as a warning. “Don’t mess with the Moche.”

    Sara Sidle: Ah ha.

    Gil Grissom: So anyway. How was your week? What’d you do?

    Sara Sidle: Well. I almost got blown up twice. I accused your ex-girlfriend of murder. And … Oh, and I told off your mother.

    Gil Grissom: Oh good. You kept busy.

    Sara Sidle: Yes. You see what happens when you stand me up?

    Betty Grissom: *knocks on the doorway*

    Gil Grissom: Who’s that?

    Sara Sidle: It’s your mother.

    Gil Grissom: Hi, Mom.

    Betty Grissom: Hi!

    Gil Grissom: You never came to the office when I was working there. I heard you and Sara had an exciting week.

    Betty Grissom: I owe her a apology for that. *gives Sara an African Violet.*

    Sara Sidle: Africian Violet. It’s beautiful.

    Gil Grissom: I told her you like vegetation.

    Sara Sidle: Thank you … I’m sorry too. Can we start over?

    Betty Grissom: (nods) I would like that.

    Gil Grissom: Hey when I come back, three of us will go out to dinner.

    Betty Grissom: When?

    Gil Grissom: Soon.

    Betty Grissom: I still think you two need get together more, sex is always important in marriage.

    Sara Sidle: Your mother is talking about our sex life.

    Gil Grissom: In Incan society, the Moche elders would pass down their knowledge of sexual pleasure to the younger generation. Their stories were documented on their pottery. Little ceramic jars called sex pots.

    Sara Sidle: Sex pots.

    Betty Grissom: You can still learn alot from your elders.

    Gil Grissom: Sometimes too much. I love you both.

    Sara Sidle: I love you, too.

    Betty Grissom: I love you.

    Sara Sidle: Bye.

  35. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    Reviews are coming in. The ratings were good. CSI won the hour (though FOX won the night, with Idol).

    EW didn’t really LOVE the episode, but they miss Grissom a lot (not much about Jorja there).

  36. Thanks, Ipstenu, for a translation of that last scene.

    Like everybody else I LOVED THE EPISODE and think everybody involved nailed their scenes (even the teeny scenes, like Marg’s line “I’m sure you do” after Jorja said “Grissom and I have great sex”). I laughed pretty hard at that one.

    Marlee and Phyllis were terrific; so were the actors who played the TA, the fake deaf guy and the translator.

    The whole thing was well-done.

    BUT…as an academic who is married to an academic and who has spent her ENTIRE adult life in academia, I just have to say: I’ve NEVER heard of a half-million dollar grant awarded to an undergraduate OR a graduate student. Only Hollywood could think that is plausible. That size grant is reserved for tenured, established faculty only; sometimes such grants are shared with TAs and graduate students (and, more rarely, with advanced, talented undergrads). But the idea that a half million dollar grant would be a available to a graduate student is simply laughable. TOTALLY UNREALISTIC. I wish they would have been more careful with that one. Seriously, a $50,000 grant would have been too high to be realistic for a graduate student. That’s how low the dollars are in the academic world!!!

    The episode made me miss Grissom more than ever.

    Ma Grissom’s advice to the couple should not go unheeded! :smile:

  37. Elaine,

    It’s interesting that you point that out. In my thoughts that I’m scribbling out on LJ and that I’ll post here when I’m done, I’m actually going off about the line about the interpreter. Interpreter’s are so overpriced that they actually price themselves out of reasonable accommodation limits. I work for a non-profit that works with people with disabilities and WE can’t afford to have an interpreter for more than one discussion group a week and even that’s just for an hour and she cut us a deal on a private level. So I kind of wanted to kick the guy when he talked about how he made almost nothing.

    Anyway, back to my ramblings. I’ll post them here in a bit.

  38. My thoughts on last night … for what they’re worth. I posted these to my LJ, but that’s about it.

    “If you thought Sara and Grissom’s story was over, you were wrong, bub. In the end, it got me thinking about the truest nature of characters I love.

    I went into this episode with a lot of expectations and a lot of assumptions. My own fanfic minded self desperately wanted Sara’s snarking at Grissom’s mother to include a comment about being pregnant. I think because in the unconventionality of their relationship, there is a part of me that wants the tradition. That is a bias of mine and is completely unfounded for the characters and for my own beliefs. Not that I believe that marriage should have kids (at all) but there’s a part of me that wants it for Sara. I’m still working out why.

    After the episode, I was talking to my mother about it … the few eps I’ve seen this season are actually reminding me of season 5 – there’s a case that is interwoven with the personal stories of the characters and it’s a perfect balance of why they do what they do and how they do it. Last night was a shining, glowing example of this. I went in squeeing left and right and up and down about the relationship angle. One of the reasons I loved CSI was Sara. My connection to her is passionate and having her back has meant the world to me. Having her in a healthy, happy relationship with the man she loves means even more. And I do LOVE that she is a woman in an unconventional situation. It’s too easy for TV writers to have women be cookie cutters of themselves and Sara breaks the mold over and over again. In addition, I love Marlee Matlin and that just made me even more excited.

    The case itself was wonderfully done, down to the prejudices each community has about itself and the other. Comments like “I don’t believe anyone in my community could do this” are fabulous because that is how a community views itself. How often do we hear “the GLBT community would NEVER …” oh yes it would. And the prejudices within the disability community are as angry and vitriolic as any others. People with MS are looked at differently than people with CP. People who are blind have a different set of rules than people who are deaf. It happens over and over again and I see it every day in the groups I lead in my job. So the arguments are annoying but they’re also what comes out of people’s mouths. I liked that. I liked that the characters were not above that. The younger man/older woman/lonely career woman is probably overdone but it was played well so it’s forgivable.

    As for Sara’s relationship with her mother-in-law, it left me with a lot of questions. When did she move to Vegas? Has she always been there? How often does Sara see her? Is Betty teaching her sign or expecting her to learn it? What are Sara’s feelings about the deaf community? Is one of the reasons she has trouble connecting to Betty because of her own mother? Does Betty know about her mother? When did they come back from Europe together? How long has Grissom been wandering? Does the team know he apparently came back with Sara from Europe? Is his home base with her in Vegas? All of these questions and more are circulating through my mind. Many of them can be solved with fanfic, of course. What’s great is that the ep was well written enough that I not only have these questions, but I WANT to ask them. The ep made me THINK about the characters and as a writer, that matters the most to me.

    Each and every character has a back story that matters and it was so nice to see CSI giving Sara and Grissom’s back story validation. I know it’s not a show about them, and that many people did not like the relationship. You can be a Sara fan and not like her relationship with Grissom. But when you buy into it (as I have) it was a wonderful honoring of the story.

    TV can be a storytelling tool that really matters. CSI pulled it off last night. Hollywood story tricks aside.”

  39. Loved this episode–and JORJA WAS SO BEAUTIFUL and she is such a great actor!! If looks could kill–we would be having a multiple funeral today!!

    And I will say–it was worth a 2 year wait to hear Grissom talk about sex pots! How funny!

    Too many great scenes and lines to even begin to pick a favorite; and I’m happy to know I’m in good company when I burst into tears at the end!!

  40. I have just watched that final scene and it was beautiful, brought a lump to my throat. Wasn’t the music playing in the background the same as when Sara was leaving and reading her letter to Grissom out loud? I just love that man. Well now I know where the term sex pots comes from, always thought CSI was educational! Thank you Ipstenu for all you’ve done, this website has been a revelation to me and its great to be a part of it, if only a small one and all you fans who have brought some humour and lightness back into my life. πŸ˜€

    • OMG,OMG!!! Where dit you find it, swirl?? Could you please tell me the link? Oh man, I would love to watch the full episode, but I couldn’t find a link who would work from Switzerland, so far.
      I need your help, guys…..PLEASE……and “MERCI VIEU MAU” (THANK YOU SO MUCH)

      BTW/ It looks, like I’m the only swiss guy on JFO:-D

      • Hi daydreamer, we must stop meeting like this πŸ˜† I just typed ew weekly on google, clicked on tv and on the left hand side there is CSI A shot of Grissom and there he is. You can tell I’m not very computer literate as Ipstenu will tell you, but I get by. πŸ˜€

      • Administrator Ipstenu says:

        Server stats say … Switzerland sent 173 visits via 18 cities over the last 31 days. That’s 173 separate visits. Some may be the same people, but you’re not alone πŸ˜›

        You can see some videos here from zap2it who also say…

        The scene did, however, highlight the oddly touching chemistry between Petersen and Fox. Their characters are not the most socially adept, but together they make a rather nice couple.


    I’ve just finished watching the episode and, in my opinion, it was definitely the best one in years. Lots of Sara and even Grissom was in it. Ahhhhhhh. Oh, and it had a great plot too. But Sara and Grissom…..

    I really hope Grissom does return soon.

  42. You guys have got me so freakin excited!Hopefully in the next hour and a half Ill be back here telling you how much I loved it and how many buckets of tears I cried! This episode sounds like everything I wanted – GSR and of course a lot of Jorja! I pray she stays for the next season – she makes the show for me!

  43. Just seen it! OMG best episode ever – so many classic lines. Jorja was amazing and she has done so well learning ASL. Im so glad Mrs Grissom has seen the light – I hope we finally get that scene where Sara, Gil and Betty have dinner. Im gonna watch this over and over – Im gonna know every line! This is my favourite episode of CSI. :smile:

  44. AbraCadaver says:

    The TA in last night’s episode was played by actor Ty Giordano. I fell in love with him when he played the deaf son of Diane Keaton and Craig T. Nelson in “The Family Stone” a few years back. That has become one of my favorite Christmas movies. Please check it out if you’ve never seen it.

  45. Administrator Ipstenu says:
  46. wow! the episode was awesome, & it was great to see JF/Sara getting so much great screen time. lmao Hey Ipstnu i capped the whole episode myself & lets just say i took over 700 without even realizing i was doing so :)

    Thanks for the end scene translation, I’m sure many of us really appreciate you doing so.

    Thought the explanation for the current state of GSR and the marriage was very good & plausible enough to work now, after the whole, ‘them being’ half way across the world from each other.

    Kudos to Marlee and Phyllis, thought they were great & would love to see them return.

    Question for anyone, was there captioning for this episode? I watched On-line so wouldn’t know if you can watch it over in the US & Canada with captioning like we can in the UK

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      The episode was close captioned, same as always (I watch with it on so I can better transcribe scenes), but they did not (nor do they ever) caption the ASL. Which annoys me to no end :)

      • Yeah I agree with you Ipstenu its annoying that they didn’t even bother to caption the ASL parts when Betty speaks,beside I didnt like the fact that camera was focusing right on their face, same with Sara it should be zoomed out to head to waist part, so we can see what they’re saying in ASL. The cameramen should have done that.

  47. Oh thanks, i wondered that & to be honest am a bit shocked that they don’t caption the ASL, isn’t that kinda discrimination against the hearing? sorry but was a little surprised watching the episode that anyone wanting to clearly see the ALS being used on the show, actually missed vital parts of conversations.

    Btw the ‘Thank you’ sign must be universal, because it is the same one used in BSL (British Sign Language) & Makaton sign language, as i know this because my son and I were taught the basics some years ago

  48. btw love the ‘Smackdown’ pic & caption

  49. Gente, vcs nem imaginam qto to feliz de saber que o episódio das Sras. Grissom foi bom demais, pela postagem de todos vcs, nao vejo a hora de tbem poder assistir.Ainda tenho esperança que Grissom volte e fique definitivamente junto de sua esposa a Sara. Gostaria que alguem comentasse como ele apareceu na webcam, ele estÑ mais velho? estÑ gordo, magro, bonito, feio???!!! algém poderia comentar? Obrigada!

    • My english is not that good but i will try to translate this comment

      Guys, you have no idea how happy I’m knowing that the episode T2MG was good, for what I readed here , i can’t w8 to watch it too. I still have hope that Grissom comes back e stays with his wife, Sara, forever. I would like to know how Grissom was in the webcam is he older? fat, thin, handosem, ugly???!!! can some one comment? thank you!

      Ahhh ele tava lindo, o billy pintou o cabelo pra ficar mais a la Grissom, ja que ele esta usando cabelo 100% branco, estava de barba/cavanhaque yay!

  50. I forgot to log in last night, beside I couldn’t recall my password so I had to reset it today LOL. Anyway the whole episode was made of extreme awesoness! I enjoyed the scenes between Marlee and Jorja, beside Jorja and Phyllis.

    Best part in that episode was hilarious scene where Betty told Sara and Grissom, you two need to get together more, sex always important in marriage, then Sara was like Oh my gosh! your mother telling us to make alot of geek babies! It did cracked me up at that part, beside the kodak moment was Grissom, Sara and Betty said I love you! I went awww! thats so sweet!

    I would love to see CSI bringing Mama Grissom back in future episodes with Grissom in it, one thing I would love to see is Jorja doing more ASL.

    I did learn the basic of BSL alphabet, that time when I was like 10, its been years since I learned it. Yes there is different sign languages from around the world, not only ASL language itself. I would love to learn how to speak some of that foregin sign languages.

  51. spunkycsi says:

    What a AWESOME episode! I have watched it several times. Jorja did an great job with the signing. The acting was great this week.

    I love the scene with Gil,Sara and his mom.

    It was great to see WP again!

  52. OMG !! I looved it ..it was awesome..some parts were
    hilarious haha that i couldn’t stop laughing πŸ˜€
    && the end was soo sweet ..grissom appeard !!
    It was a great episode because it was all about Sara && Grissom :))

  53. Just watched some clips that CBS have put on YouTube, very good they are to especially the last one. A big thank you to them they seem to be listening to what people want. I just loved the way Mrs Grissom’s face lit up when she saw her son on the screen aaah. My face would light up to if I walked into a room and he was there even on skype!. (sigh). πŸ˜‰

  54. i thought the ep was great, the totally best one so far. I have always loved Sara and Grissom together. I started watching CSI when i was like 8 and i knew they would be togther. The end scene was so cute, i was so happy i was clapping and everything. I cant believe Grissoms mom told them to have more sex LOL
    maybe she wants some grandchildren. I totally want them to have a baby. Sara is probally scared thought, because of her mother and all. Grissom would make a great daddy, but maybe im being negitve but it will never happen. If they make th CSI movie then it will. They are a little to old to be having kids. Like Grissom is 54 now and sara is 38. but a baby would be OMFG!!!!
    anyways i thought i was a great ep. Hearing Grissoms voice was so great and then seeing him at the end !!!!! OMFG and when sara said “Grissom and i have great sex” i almost fell out of my chair hahaha, and catherine wouldnt stop smiling at her after she said it (Catherines mind) awwheey are so so so cute
    plz …..

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      This bears repeating. We have been told many times there will be no geek baby. It’s fine to fantasize, but you shouldnt get your hopes up.

  55. when did they say that, plz give me a link to a page explaing tat OMFG you just destryoed my night :O

    • I’ll try and find it, but it was an article from a few years ago (season 9). Carol M. was asked about it and said there were no plans for this. This has been common knowledge for a while.

  56. 2 years ago i bet there were no plans for them to bring Momma Grissom into the picture either. πŸ˜‰ I want a geek baby and who knows, when the show comes to an end maybe they’ll be seen with a little one. Anything is possible.

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      Believe me or don’t.

      I’ve been running the site for 15 years, and I’ve been wrong fewer times than you can count on one hand. Billy and Jorja were asked, by Carol, when they left the show, if they wanted to do a Geek Baby. The Actors do no. And as they are the driving force behind this relationship (they really are you know), I’m really very sure it’s not going to happen. Here’s the 2008 article where the set insiders promise no baby.

      I’m not telling you to crush your spirit, but to keep your hopes realistic. You’re better off pining for the day Billy comes back again (which I suspect will be Marg’s last episode and/or the series finale). But do not pin your hopes and dreams on a geek baby, cause unless something massively changes, it’s not going to happen.

      (And actually they’ve wanted to do another deaf episode for years, but in the ‘old days’ they never delved too much into the characters personal lives, so they didn’t feel they COULD until about season 7, at which point, there was enough GSR drama going on. This was a calculated run. :) )

      • I’m with you. I’m totally against the whole geek baby plot and damn sick of hearing about it! First of all from day one this is a forensics show, not a soap opera. If it was about family stuff it would have been in season 1, not 6, 7, and 10…
        Second it’s OOC for two workaholics, and Sara Sidle, esp., the tough independent strong-willed woman in a male-oriented environment to get all fluffy and maternal suddenly. I just don’t see her settling for the stay at home thing. And what, is she supposed to trudge thru decomps and dumpsters with the tot in tow?
        Third, if she did have a baby, it would be offscreen. And both Grissom and Sara would disappear forever. I would be heartbroken.
        Plus there are two strong reasons against baby-making on both sides, his otosclerosis, her having schizophrenia, alcoholism in her genes, a murdering mom, and an abusive childhood. If ANYTHING I can see them as foster parents, but it would be an older, unwanted kid.
        Neither have a support system of aunts and uncles (other than the team) and one grandparent out of 4–if Sara’s mom is alive we don’t know it. I doubt they’d leave a baby with her anyhow. And people? Jorja is 42. Billy is soon to be 58. I know they are “younger” on the show, but face it. That’s pretty far along to be starting a family.
        So hooray for TPTB putting the kibosh on getting Sara knocked up! And can we change the subject? Please?? Forever?

      • AMEN to your last paragraph! :roll:

  57. That had to have been the best episode so far this year. It not only had Jorja and Billy, but it also had the entire team on camera at some point. Something rarely seen this season. kudos to the writers. Jorja certainly looked mind bogglingly gorgeous. Well done everything and a huge thank you to Ipstenu for the translation. You do a marvellous job. Jorja would be proud!

    • She did look great! I’m glad that they are finally leaving her hair alone. Some of the things they’ve done to the poor girl in the past are just nasty! πŸ˜†

  58. I think most of what I have to say about the episode has been effectively said! It was FANTASTIC. As much as I’m a die-hard Cath/Sara relationship fan, GSR is growing on me, especially since it’s so sweet. My Cath/Sara heart was trying to tug me into the copious amounts of Catherine and Sara screentime (most I’ve seen in a long while!) and the tension between them there, especially when talking about sex, but the ending made my heart swell. Gil and Sara are really sweet together, and I hope they show us at least a little bit of that dinner Gil was talking about. I really do hope so.

    • I saw the Sara/Catherine moment differently. I thought Catherine looked like she felt sorry for Sara with everyone talking about her sex life with her husband. Having worked with both Sara and Gil for so many years, she knows how very private they are. Let’s face it, our sex lives are nobody’s business but our own.

      I can’t understand why everyone is so hot on this baby thing. Unlike the thoughts expressed before, neither of them are too old to have a child, but how would that even play with the characters they play? They both like to be free to do what they want to, and, believe me, that doesn’t happen once the kids come along! πŸ˜‰ I think they’re interesting just the way that they are actually, but it’s nice to read the ideas of others too. :smile:

  59. I also hope we see that dinner someday.

    I also agree with Sharron that Catherine looked like she felt sorry for Sara having to endure hearing Hodges’ thinking about her sex life; I felt sorry for her too! That brief moment — contained in TWO lines, which makes it brilliant writing, really — showed both Sara’s vulnerability and Catherine’s ability to comfort AND both their abilities to move on (the conversation didn’t continue…).

    As for the Geek baby — I think that ship has sailed. Yes, they *could* have a baby but I think the older they get, the more unrealistic it is. And it is TOTALLY out of character, really, for those two to just settle down. A part of me likes the fantasy, too, but I gave up on it a long time ago when I realized I liked them just. the. way. they. are. The only thing that makes me sometimes change my mind is thinking of what Mrs. Grissom senior might feel about never having a grandchild. And now that I’ve seen her, I have to admit it makes me a little sad that she doesn’t have a grandkid.

    Perhaps Gil and Sara can “adopt” somebody’s kid from time to time, and thus give Mrs. Grissom a baby to spoil. Can Nick or Greg get busy and have a kid?! (Of course, I’m kinda assuming Gil’s Mom would *want* a baby to spoil, and perhaps she is just as unconventional as her son and doesn’t need that at all!)

    Off to do real work.. πŸ˜†

  60. I’ve been reading all the comments posted since I posted my own brain dump, especially people’s feelings on Geek Babies … especially since I posted my own thoughts about Geek Children.

    I actually did not know that TPTB had already vetoed the idea. It makes me happy because it ends speculation regarding stuff on the show. If I want a Geek Baby, I’ll write a fic putting one in. :) But too often on shows, babies take over the whole concept of what is really supposed to be ON the show. So … yeah.

    On the whole though, this ep just … it’s BEAUTIFUL. It was so well written. So perfectly crafted. A few little bumps in the road (I still wanted the TA to be the bad guy cause I wanted to person with the disability to actually be the perp for once) but overall, it was so fabulous. I want more of Betty now. I want to see Sara starting over with her. I want her to have that mother-figure connection.

    I love how much this show has touched all of us. Just wanted to say so.

  61. On the whole geekbaby thing, I was aware of the article stating that there was not going to be one in the future, to my relief, because I really don’t think a geekbaby would fit well with the characters who have been portrayed on screen so far. Age, work ethic & type, just to mention a few problems, not to mention how would Sara continue to work in the field as a CSI? a baby needs a lot of attention so realistically a workaholic like Sara & or Grissom giving up their life’s work for a baby doesn’t seem to gel right for me. Plus there are the factors of the Otosclerosis & Sara’s traumatic childhood.

    Maybe them adopting an older child, pre-teen with maybe some hearing impairment or traumatic past might work as a future storyline, who knows

  62. It’s 6.35pm and I’ve nearly gone a whole day without posting a comment, nearly but not quite. I must agree with Vega, this show has touched so many people from goodness knows how many countries and that’s amazing. Bringing Mrs Grissom snr in was a masterstroke and surely this cannot be a one off. Sara does need a mother figure in her life and maybe she’s found one.
    It will be interesting to see when this series come out on dvd if they do a commentary for this episode, like they did with Committed. Jorja is such an asset to this show, she was made for it and I think Billy recognised this in her audition which he sat in on. They go together like peaches and cream, when you think of one you automatically think of the other. πŸ˜€

  63. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    I might actually pick up the DVDs for a behind the scenes chat about this episode alone. I don’t own ANY of the DVDs.

    The geek baby thing … It’s right next to the ‘Jorja is pregnant!’ rumors. You know? It’s unfounded, it’s constant, and it wears me down. So I do tend to snap about it, and for that I’m sorry, but I’ve been dealing with over-exuberant geek baby people for about 7 years, and the pregnancy ones for just as long. I’m tired of it. 😑

    I’m rewatching the episode now. I find I’m also annoyed at Nick and Ray for not complimenting Sara on her dress, and instead teasing her. Why is Catherine the hot one and Sara the smart one? Jorja’s pretty, too!

    • Thank you for saying EVERYTHING I’ve been thinking for so long! Enough with the baby issue for Sara and for Jorja.

      Actually, regarding the looks issue, in her own way, Jorja is a much better looking woman. Of course, I’m sure Marg’s fans would disagree with me, but I think that Jorja is a much more natural looking beauty. My mother always used to say “Beauty is as beauty does”, and I really do agree here. Jorja is a very giving person to those who might otherwise be left behind.

      • I totally agree with you – Jorja is def the hot one. Dont get me wrong Marg is an attractive lady too but Jorja is def more attractive. I think the reason for people stating otherwise is that Catherine adds a kind of ‘sex’ factor – push up bra, low cut tops and flirty personality. Saras character is less superficial and a lil tomboyish so she will usually be seen as the little sister or one of the guys. Jorja doesnt need the revealing clothes or the lip gloss shes a knockout without it. She looked flawless during this ep.

      • I probably should not reply…but I find the comparison of Jorja with Marg kinda…odd?

        They are BOTH incredibly pretty.

    • The way I looked at that the Nick/Ray scene with Sara is of the older brothers teasing a younger female sibling. I found it funny actually because the teasing wasn’t meant in a negative way. The dress speaks for itself; Sara/JF looked gorgeous.

      Ipstenu, I can understand you getting angry about people always asking if JF is pregnant. She just likes her beer people! It would drive me nuts as well…. But the idea of a geek baby in CSI is not so out there. At this point, anything is possible so I wouldn’t rule it out (regardless of what TPTB have said in the past). I remember in a EW article that mentioned that we wouldn’t have a Grissom/Sara wedding. Ok we didn’t see an actual wedding, but we now have a marriage. I’m pro baby since that would be good progression to the G/S storyline but I don’t have to see it unfold onscreen.

      • Administrator Ipstenu says:

        It is pretty out there for the characters, IMO. GSR itself is the edge of credulity for a lot of people. A baby would go right over the edge for viewers, when you remember that itos only. 60/40 for GSR in the masses :) its pretty pro-GSR here, but even among hard core Jorja fans, I think its an 80/20 split on the matter. Maybe 75/10/5 (with the last 5 the people who don’t care πŸ˜‰ ). A baby? That’s a show killer for the casual fan, and would spike the bottom line.

        Besides that Billy and Jorja don’t want to do it. :) They wanted the marriage, and the Mrs Grissoms. There’s no way a baby will happen without their OK.

    • On another topic, yeah I thought it strange that Nick couldn’t come up with a compliment for Sara in that dress. Ray, at least, said he almost didn’t recognize her, and the way he said it was flattering.
      Nick then had a second opportunity to give her some reassurance when she had a moment of insecurity saying Julia is pretty. No such luck. He just says, Yes, she’s pretty, very pretty. GRRR! Are you BLIND? Jorja is stunningly beautiful.
      I don’t see Marg as pretty or beautiful, sorry. If she’d aged naturally, maybe, but the plastic surgery really turns me off. That tight forehead, the artificial nose, on and on. And she dresses like…well it’s inappropriate. Too tight, too short, too much skin, too much cleavage, too much makeup.
      No one gave Sara a compliment all night, just poking into her love life! At least Catherine said Sara is professional and objective, but then immediately questioned her own judgment. That bugged me, but it is in character, once I thought it over. Sara has always had to stick up for herself. And the one who defends her the most and values her is in the Southern Hemisphere! I am very happy to see they are happily married. This episode answered a lot of my questions.

  64. Moochiecat says:

    I thought it was a highly satisfactory episode. Well written, well acted, though a little hurried at the end. I kind of felt they crammed who the killer was into not enough time. Of course the SKPE scene made me grin from ear to ear.

    I, too, am among the minority that feels Gil and Sara would make a very conscious decision to not have children. (Tho’ TPTB could follow the lead of the old Rock Hudson “McMillan and Wife.” show; just never show the child and have someone inquire into how it was doing once in a while. Actually, I only remember the child being metioned, once, LOL!

  65. Hopefully not pissing Ipstenu off again, but IMHO the couple having a baby would basically end the series. It would be so far out of left field for two workaholics with their pasts and ages to feasibly have one. Sara is approaching the too old mark for a first child and well Grissom would be more content to have a hatchery of bugs. Not to mention the fact that it’s almost impossible to have a long distance baby.
    I think the important thing with this relationship now is having Betty as part of their lives more often, and of course Sara and Gil coming back together. Ok it is so far only in one episode but I daresay nothing is beyond the realms of creativity with the writers and actors.

    As for the comments with Nick and Ray, well Nick in particular has always teased Sara, Ray following suit so it was really a backhanded compliment without them gushing about how stunning she looked. Greg might say how great she looked but not Nick, it’s not in his character profile. He’s a bit like the class clown on that front. Ray is being given that opportunity also to make his character lighten up a bit to appeal more to the die hard fans who dislike him.
    I think they could have done a lot more with the episode, perhaps a 90 minute one, that way it wouldn’t have been so rushed at the end.

    As for Billy’s next episode, hopefully that will be soon but has there been any word yet from anyone about a Season 12? It seems that information is hard to find other than who is leaving i.e. Marg.
    I think i’ll trot off now and watch the episode again.

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      We don’t know if CSI is coming back for Season 12, actually. They have yet to announce next years line ups. IF we get Billy again this season, it should be for Marg’s farewell. And then again for the series end, I would think. Thats most likely.

      Not pissed :)

  66. Hi ya all, I have to say this episode is way best out of all CSI episodes over years, with alot screen time that Jorja Fox have. My mum and I Loved it so much. Also to say My favorite part of scene of this episode was Betty Grissom and Sara signs I love yous back to Gil, I’d like to say thats wonderful to see sara try to learn how use sign language, I guess it was’nt easy for her to learn those words before do this episode back in December.

    To say out of all I love this episode and it is freakishly fab awsome Night to wach deaf Episode:)

  67. On the Geek baby front – has any one thought that they may not be able to have one. Very fanfic I know, perhaps one of the reasons Grissom kept Sara away was that he knew he couldn’t father a child. πŸ‘Ώ
    May be that is why he got burned. For Sara, with her past, she knows children are not the be all and end all of a relationship. As she said – he was the first home she ever had….
    Now who is going to tell Betty…. πŸ˜†

  68. lmao – Not me :)

    But a very good and valid points, that maybe they ‘can’t’ have children, or ‘don’t’ want them

    Enough with the geekbaby already, this is a subject that rises far to often when there is the tiniest of GSR moments in the show.

  69. btw, I’m sure i read that CBS had been given the go ahead for two more seasons at least back in the summer of when Season 10 was about to premier. I could be wrong, but i will try and find the source of the information

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      The catch with that is just because CSI has a go-ahead doesn’t mean it’ll be in the next season. It’s a weird legal loophole 😯 So it’s a ‘Likely but unconfirmed’ thing at the moment.

  70. One thing I noticed in my rewatch of the ep was how mature Sara is compared to before. I’m in a rewatch of the whole series right now and I’m back in season 4 and the difference between then and now is amazing. She didn’t fly off the handle like she would have at one time. She just handled it. (And went home for a drink later, I’m sure.) Seeing growth in characters is a wonderful thing.

    • Indeed, she is “managing” situations very well this season. Her handling of Mrs G, Julia etc was very good. But she has been doing that all season especially with the suspects with mental health problems. I bet it is being noticed.
      Now what is to say that she gets made supervisor over Nick. Because now, she doesn’t want it, but Nick does. Nick has become gung-ho and wreckless and that will count against him. Reversal of Season 4
      Make great plot and character lines for season 12.

      • Nick is getting to be more and more of a cowboy, IMO. Shooting suspects. (He’s about to plug young Bieber. George couldn’t wait to blab that.) And George is being a dick. His ego seems to be getting ahead of him again. Did you read the interview last month when he said he’s keeping the series going single-handedly and the rest of the cast was cheering him on? That he’s not about to film love scenes because it wouldn’t fit his character, etc. I wish the guy would keep his big mouth shut.

      • Administrator Ipstenu says:

        Before we go too far down this path, let’s keep it about Jorja, not George, please and thank you :)

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      Well now that’s interesting… We didn’t see Sara drink at all this episode (where she would clearly be … called to? Allowed to? I’m too tired to parse it πŸ˜‰ You know what I mean!).

      I also noticed how mature Sara is. This was probably a test for CBS, to see how well Jorja carries an episode like this, and how many people like Sara in this sort of role. I wonder where it’ll end up 😎

  71. Ive noticed that sara has matured too. I think now she has what she wants in life (a husband,a home and love) shes not so anxious anymore. I think the tension that Sara and Grissom had spilt over her work – she constantly sought praise from the man she loved and he was very closed of with her. She couldnt see what a good csi she was and seemed insecure. When she left and got clarity (and married) I think she grew and really overcame her issues. She knows who she is now and can show everyone. Just my opinion – dont shoot me down please!

    Im praying for a season 12. Do you think Jorja will stay for season 12 if it goes ahead? For some reason I think 12 may be the last – she has to stay! It would be great for Grissom to come back too!

  72. LOVED the episode. Jorja was FANTASTIC and BEAUTIFUL! I wonder how she learned ASL. She was really really good at it.
    The ending scene was just perfect!!! It was SO sweet. I Love Love Love GSR. πŸ˜€

    I couldn’t catch Sara’s one line between Ma Grissom questions everything and she is an emotionally unavailable.
    Could someone please tell me what Sara is saying to Cath? (she does what everything?)γ€€ πŸ˜•

  73. Here’s that interview with George Eads if anyone cares.


    I know I’m getting off topic! πŸ˜€


  74. Sorry boss I’ll shut up now.

    Yes, let’s talk Jorja.

    tx for the Commentator Achievement!

  75. I am so jealous that I did not see this or got in on the early comments but work got in the way. Not at all surprised that Jorja Fox is a brilliant actress. As for beauty always thought it was natural and at times model like. Marge Helgenberger is an amazing actress to and I do not really like calling any of the people on CSI because they have given me so much pleasure down the years but this episode got so many people passionate and I guess I will join them when I see it.

  76. FRED WHARTON says:


    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      Fred – you’re now on ModWatch (all posts require approval).

      Why? Cause typing in all caps is called ‘Shouting’ online, and I don’t like it. Learn to use upper and lower case properly, or go somewhere else.

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