CSI 12×04: Maid Man Discussion Post

Season 12, episode 4!  It looks like Sara will be on the B-plot, again.  I suppose we needed a break from last week.

Yet again, I will be late on this.  Sukkot starts tonight (it’s an obligatory eat outside holiday, yeah, I have cool ones!) so I won’t post screencaps or a recap till Saturday night/Sunday morning.

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The former Mayor of Las Vegas is shot at the Mob Museum and the CSIs embark on a history lesson in search of clues.



Coming ‘soon’.  It’s another week o’ Jewish Holidays from sundown Wednesday to Saturday, so I won’t be able to recap or screen cap till Saturday night or Sunday morning.  If one of you wants to fill in, I’d appreciate it.

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  1. AbraCadaver says:

    Tonight’s episode looks like lots of Greg, always a nice sign. 😉

  2. Looking forward ot this… :) Sukkot? You’re a Jew? I’ve been doing an essey about Jewish traditions and i love everything about it… :) So enjoy it.. :)

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      I are Jewish 😀 I’ll have a blast, we’re going to our neighbors, since we don’t have our own yard.

  3. Administrator Ipstenu says:
  4. Your Jewish!! 😀 That’s sooo awesome!! So am I!! 😀 my mom would be so happy your talking about it on a website that’s popular. How was your high holidays?

  5. KarenAnna says:

    This is a good episode…but Jorja/Sara isnt in it… 😕

    • AbraCadaver says:

      Ipstenu won’t have to do screencaps. :sad: It was a good episode, though. Lots of fun and a couple of twists I never saw coming.

  6. No Sara, plenty of Greg and his Vegas History knowledge, Nick and Morgan’s B story was interesting and BD was all over the place. I think they need to add another Detective cause Brass needed to be in 2 place at once last night. The few things that bugged me were:

    A) Greg telling DB about Catherine’s Dad, his connection to the mob, and the inheritance that he left Catherine. That was Catherine’s private family information not Greg’s and if she wanted to publicize it; it should of come from her.

    B) The fact that they had a display of Lou Gedda in this “Museum” and the lack of emotion from Catherine, Greg or even Ecklie when they we’re near it. If I had been one of them I would have spit at it.

    C) The storyline seem to be a variation on the Roger Daltry, supposedly dead mobster, episode from a few years ago.

    All in All it was an A++ episode in spite of the no Sara factor.

  7. I think Im the only person that didnt really get excited by this episode. Without Sara the show doesnt really hold my interest, none of the other characters have the depth to keep me interested. The more I see of Morgan the more Im like ‘meh’. Really disappointed at the lack of Sara – I seriously needed my Jorja fix!

    • AbraCadaver says:

      It isn’t as much fun without Jorja. I just think to myself, “Sara’s got the night off”.

  8. This was just okay for me. The cases were fine, but it wasn’t too exciting. Obviously, no Sara had something to do with that, but I just enjoyed the other episodes of the season better.

    And no mention of Warrick at ALL? Really? That’s the FIRST thing I thought of when I saw Gedda, and not even one line from Catherine or Greg. That was a big no no for me.

    • AbraCadaver says:

      I found that to be as thoughtless as Nick being more upset about losing his office than he was at Catherine’s demotion. And I totally agree that the information about Sam Braun’s ties to Catherine should have come from her and not from Greg.

      We’re seeing new sides to the CSIs this season and they are not all good. 😡

      • From what I understand, when Catherine (MH’s) last episodes are aired, Nick has a major part in it. Maybe then they’ll deal with the demotion, loss of office, and Ray situation. Or they could deal with it the way my sister and I deal with problems….have a huge screaming match, don’t talk to each other for a month, then forget it ever happened. Works for us.

  9. How many more times have we got to hear that Sam Braun was Catherine’s father, a lot more before she’s gone I imagine. It was an okay episode, preferred Nick and Morgan’s case. Greg running round like a puppy dog at his master’s call, thought Brass might get some action for a second or to. 😉 A history lesson on old Las Vegas and not much else. Echoes of other episodes are all very well but fans want new stories, not a rehash of old ones. No Sara, I think she would be pleased she missed out on this one. Hope she enjoyed her time with Grissom, lucky girl. 😆

    Just a thought if Marg decides to stay, does that mean no Grissom? 😮

  10. I did like the episode except for the lack of Sara. While it did echo an earlier episode concerning a supposedly dead mobster, i felt that it wasnt too similar. As for Greg giving DB the lowdown on Catherine’s connection to Braun, i think the writers were stressing that Braun, and therefore indirectly catherine, is part of vegas history and that greg just cant shut up once he gets started on the topic of vegas history. There was plenty of opportunity to for catherine to butt in and tell greg to be quiet, if she had wanted to. I did feel sorry for greg when he was running around at the beck and call of D.B. I also have to say im getting very tired of the references to D.B.’s wife, yes we know he is a family man we dont needed to be reminded every episode and if we arent actually going to see D.B.’s wife on screen then dont bother mentioning her. It just seems unnecessary to have the constant mentions of his wife, its not like every time catherine is onscreen we hear her talking about lindsey, we either see lindsey or if we dont then there is only an occasional mention of her, so why cant the same be done with D.B’s family/wife? anyways i’ll end the rant there, iv made my point, and despite this i did enjoy the episode.

  11. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    Well that was a HUGE bummer to find out! I’ll still watch this one, but my CSI spies all told me she was in this one! 😕 Now I have to go pester and make sure they’re right about the ep they said she wasn’t in! ❓ I know for sure she’s in next week – we have behind the scene pics of her!

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