Jorja in Ecuador

La actriz comprometida con el medioambiente.

Famosa por su actuación en la serie CSI y en la renombrada serie The West Wing, la actriz Jorja Fox estuvo de visita en Ecuador. Recorrió Quito y las islas Galápagos, participando en la filmación de un programa de rescate de animales y de un especial para la promoción turística del Ecuador.

As you can see, it’s all in Spanish, and mine is officially out of date (I’ve been out of high school too long).

 Download the PDF and translate it if you can. It has to be better than my translation.

If you can’t translate, that’s okay too.  Look! Pictures!

Jorja in Ecuador Jorja in Ecuador Jorja in Ecuador

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  1. Jorja Fox as a teenager had a modeling career in the competitive New York city
    where she share a flat with Madonna´s sister. Made formal studies formal of performance in the prestige Lee Strasberg institute under the tutelage of veteran actor William Hickey. After appearing in several films and in some programs TV with support roles, professionalism was recognized to get a role in hit series ER actind recognized successful in 33 episodes as the Dr. Maggie Doyle. He was then invited to perform at the renowned The West Wing series, performing unparalleled performance in the role of secret service agent. Jorja later becomes regular cast member of the CSI known worldwide Crime Scene Investigation where plays the role of a dedicated researcher and in 2005 shared the Screen Actors Guild Award Award performance by the incomparable cast in this drama. Jorja also sings beautifully, is a leading music and songwriter. The song “Lullabye” presented in the movie “Traveling Companion “of 1998 is of his own. Sh e is also cofounder of the company experimental theater “Honeypot
    Productions “. Famous for his performance in the CSI series and in the renowned series The West Wing, actress Jorja Fox was visiting Ecuador. Toured Quito and the Galapagos Islands participating in the filming of an animal rescue program and special to promote tourism in Ecuador.

    Something like that
    I hope I did it right

  2. Love the curly hair. :smile:

  3. Nooooo I can’t believe it… I missed her… I wish I could know when she’s coming back to Ecuador to meet her in person.. What a dream… I’m gonna start praying about it. Hey, I’m seriuos I can be Jorja’s personal assistant for free. I’m gonnga check that link now… THX

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