Watch ADI (and Jorja) In DC Live!

Thanks to ADI, you can watch a live broadcast of Jorja on Capitol Hill.

Go to or (if available) watch here! The video will magically show up when it’s available. In theory.

Video chat by
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  1. Administrator Ipstenu says:
  2. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    And videos (which I can’t watch from work) :sad:

  3. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    Known to 73million CSI viewers as Sara Sidle, today Jorja Fox said: β€œIt is time to say that elephants should not be kept in chains nor lions, tigers, bears and monkeys in small cages on the backs of trucks. This Bill has the potential to eradicate considerable animal suffering and I believe it will be embraced by Americans.”

  4. There is a video from the beginning? ❓

  5. :sad: My eternal problem

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      If you can’t see the videos, don’t worry too much. They kinda suck. CSPAN may have one up today or tomorrow, though!

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