CSI 12×09 “Zippered” photos and Elisabeth Shue?

Elisabeth Shue  is the official replacement as lead for Marg Helgenberger (and is a darling to some of us from the 80s – Karate Kid was the first drive in I ever saw).  This makes sense, she’s an older (mature!) woman, she’s an actress with weight, and it means Jorja gets to keep her bizarre part-time/full-time status like she enjoys.  If she’s back next year (signs are good, but contracts won’t be signed for another 8 months, so let’s be patient).

Meanwhile, if that depresses you, as I’m sure it will for some, how about some pictures of the cast from the upcoming episode, “Zippered.”  This airs December 7th, not in November.


They all look similar, but at least we have some pictures!


  1. There’s also this one, but I didn’t get a copy of it :(


  2. Well, that Marg was leaving we already knew; that they were replacing her, same thing. But Elisabeth Shue was definitely a surprise! I really like her (Karate Kid was the first drive I ever saw too), so I hope she’ll go well with the rest of the team. DB and Morgan are pretty entertaining. I can only hope I’ll like Elisabeth Shue’s character too.

    But, uh, in a way, I’m not very excited about this episode. I always get so tensed up when the FBI is somehow involved (probably something related to the Strip Strangler case, I hated the feds back then. Damn, that was over ten years ago; I’m getting old).

    And oh, thanks for the pictures! I love to see the team together (kinda makes me miss old times with Grissom and Warrick, but I like the way they are right now).

    • If you were in the back of Kiki’s truck with Tanner and his sisters, we may need to talk 😉

      This is bound to be a Jorja Light episode, if my guess is right. Still, it’s got her, so we’ll have something to watch for.

  3. Has it been decided that CSI is coming back next year?

  4. 😳 I do not quite understand why you do not have a copy
    I hope this photo is useful to you

  5. I still wish that they “promoted” Jorja and used any financial saving to hire newbie’s. True level 1 CSI’s to join the staff. I only saw Ms Shue in Adventure’s in Babysitting; missed Leaving Las Vegas completely and never knew that she was in one of the Karate Kid movies, so my opinion of her acting abilities is limited. I do know that her brother Andrew was on Melrose Place but that no great Whoop.

    As to the comment “she’s an actress with weight” sorry but (like Movie and Television producer’s have been heard to say on occasion) “What has she been in lately?”

    I will watch her and firmly hope that she doesn’t become the next Riley. Oh, how I hated Riley.

  6. I have to say that I am disappointed that they are bringing in another ‘name’. I would have loved to see Jorja as the leading lady. She has the talent to do it. I know this is probably because Jorja wants to stick with her part time deal but it still sucks. Season 12 has been really Jorja light and has made me realise that without her I no longer have a reason to watch. No disrespect to the other cast members but Jorja is really in a league of her own.

    I’m not going to judge the newbie untll I’ve seen a few episodes with her in it but I’m not overly optimistic. I haven’t completely adapted to D.B and Morgans arrival yet, although I am quite fond of D.B, Morgan…lets just say not so much.

    I will continue to keep my fingers and toes crossed for an in-laws episode. I really hope we get to see this especially as it would most likely mean a visit from our other favourite Grissom! :smile:

  7. Keep in mind this: If Jorja really wanted to be the lead, I suspect she’d have made a bid for it. I’ve never felt her ambitions lead that way, though. And when you add in Jorja’s currently ‘year to year’ contracts, I’d hire someone else for 3-ish years too. It’s good business.

    But yes, I don’t generally watch without Jorja either most of the time (I may watch, but it’s DVR’d to watch later). WE here are not the … mm … we’re not everyone. We’re obviously Jorja fans and want to see more of her. So we’re very skewed that way 😉 GSR was something barely a majority of viewers wanted (according to Nielsens) though rated much better than a lot of other ‘personal’ episodes of CSI.

    As for Shue… here’s her IMDb page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000223/

    • AbraCadaver says:

      Here’s my take on the hiring of Elisabeth Shue. If the producers of “CSI” thought this was going to be the final season, they would never have hired a recognizable name like Elisabeth to join up for just 12 episodes. 😉

      • And THAT is a very important point go make, AbraCadaver 😉 One I agree with. Shue means commitment to next season.

  8. Adventures in Babysitting is one of my “guilty pleasure” movies. Don’t think it has been on the telly lately. E.S. was also in “Heart and Soul”, another of my favorite—not a big hit—movies.
    I agree that Jorja is probably happy with her part time schedule. Look at everything else she is involved in.


  9. I would think CSI will be back next year. It has won the time slot for viewers every week–except when the country music awards were on. There was an article in Entertainment Weekly that said for the year to date CBS has 15 out of the top 25 programs. CSI was 17th with an average viewer number of 13. (some number I can’t remember) million . It has even come up in that 18-49 demo. Don’t think it will stay on as long as the 19 year Law and Order, but it still has a few years left.

  10. Love the pic of Sara and Greg!
    I’m looking forward to these episodes.
    I hope Jorja is happy with the changes. As much as I am enjoying Ted and am looking forward to Shue joining the cast, I will only watch regularly if she is on board.

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