Jorja Expected To Attend Marg’s Walk of Fame Ceremony

Hollywood StarThe best I can tell you is that that Jorja’s expected to attend Marg’s Walk of Fame Ceremony. I admit, I’m always a little nervous announcing anything like that (I hate to think I’m inspiring stalkers) but this is a pretty obvious thing. She plans to go and unless things go wildly weird, I think she will be there.

Marg’s ceremony should take place on January 23, 2012, and the star will be located two spots away from former CSI costarWilliam Petersen (Gil Grissom), who got his star back in 2009.  Bear in mind that this date is subject to change, so while it’s a pretty good idea this is the date, the cannot set it in stone until a week prior. Check the official Upcoming Ceremony page for details. The events are open to the public (anyone can go), so show up and stay behind the lines.

The next question people ask me, after ‘When is this’ and ‘How do I attend’ is ‘When is Jorja getting one?’

What follows is entirely my personal view.

I’ve got an apparently controversial stance on the matter, in that I honestly think that it’s a silly thing, and I’m sort of glad Jorja isn’t ever listed for it. See, if the Star was, as intended, a public thank you for actors who were amazing, I would be cheerfully telling you all to push for it. The original purpose was to  “maintain the glory of a community whose name means glamour and excitement in the four corners of the world.” While I cannot find it in me to dispute the Muppets and Mickey Mouse being added, I question people like Magic Johnson and Muhammed Ali who, while certainly impressive and important to history, seem to be a bit of a stretch for a Hollywood star walk of fame. Don’t get me started on the pop-stars (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen?) who get stars.

Adding on that you have to rustle up $30k to do it, and ensure Jorja would agree to come to the public event, I have zero interest in participating. If you were to hand me $30k and say I could do anything I wanted for Jorja, I’d donate it to charity (after taking out $200 to pay off the outstanding ‘debt’ for JFO from the last two years). I’d much rather see the money donated (you did donate to the winter ADI fundraiser, right?) so basically I’m never going to bother.

That said. If you want to do it, I would do this. First, come up with a plan to raise the money. Online fundraiser, fine, but detail out a webpage where you’re going to run this from, make it easy for people to donate if that’s how you’re doing it. Then, when you have it set up, but before you collect a single dollar, get a list of ‘pledges.’ People who promise “If Jorja is agreeable, I will donate X.” And before you collect a single dollar, also contact Formspring with your proposal. Send a registered mail letter, telling her agency your plan, how you’re going to raise money, your social media plan, etc, and ask if she would agree to this. If she says yes, you’re in.  A kickstarter campaign may not be a terrible idea for this, too. If she says no, then there’s your answer. Julia Roberts, Clint Eastwood and George Clooney have all declined to participate, just so you know.

Do I think Jorja ‘deserves’ a star? That’s not really a motivation for me. I think she deserves a hell of a lot more recognition than she gets, but I don’t think a star would be the way to go. If you do and want to carry that load, I’ll link up for ya, for sure!


  1. i agree with you C:
    Jorja deserves much more than that, she’s a great actress, person and I love her.
    she does not need that to let the world know how good she is.

  2. I’m obviously a lot more naive than I thought. You have to pay 30k for this? Maybe it’s because I’m Scottish, but there has to be better things to do with 30k. I’m not trying to denegrate Marg – more power to her, but I would hope any Jorja fans fed their donations to causes that she supports, rather than a star.

    Maybe on her new websites she can have a section that says “if you’re thinking about getting me a star, donate here instead”.

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      Someone has to pay $30k. According to the walk of fame, if a fanclub (i.e. us) were to organize it, we have to raise the money.

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