CSI 12×22 “Homecoming” Press Release


Guest Stars Include Peri Gilpin (“Frasier”) as D.B. Russell’s wife, Barbara, Enrique Murciano (“Without a Trace”) as Detective Carlos Moreno, Conor O’Farrell (“Justified”) Reprising His Role as Former Undersheriff Jeffrey McKeen and Jaclyn Smith (Charlie’s Angels) as Hodges’ Mother, Olivia.

Credit: CBS Press Express

Can you believe it’s already the season finale? I know it’s been over so fast. Jorja will be in this episode, though.

If you want to have a laugh, Peri Gilpin was Roz on Fraiser which was a spin off of Cheers which stared … Ted Danson. Everything is related.

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  1. Administrator Ipstenu says:

    For other news… Is Nick leaving?

  2. Poor George! Sounds like he wants more money from CBS!! I am going to be very disappointed if the 3 new guys take over this episode with McKeen in it. DB, Fin, and Morgan had nothing to do with him—what I really want to see is Nick send McKeen to a prison where McKeen sees the sun every 6 weeks! Well, actually there’s more I’d like Nick do to McKeen!

    • AbraCadaver says:

      We know Nick won’t kill McKeen but it would be nice to see him punch him out.

  3. Karen-Anna says:

    I wouldnt be awful upset if GE does leave the show, now if Jorja were to leave again then it would be a different matter. I dont really like Nicks character any more , hes a lot different to the earlier seasons!

    • AbraCadaver says:

      Nick has become a suck up, a know it all and a major pain in the butt. I’m torn between who I dislike more, Nick or Hodges. 😡

      • Karen-Anna says:

        No, I love Hodges, I think he is hilarious! But I totally agree with you on Nick

      • AbraCadaver says:

        It would be fine with me if George Eads leaves “CSI”. I doubt he will because he doesn’t seem to have anything else in his career.

      • AbraCadaver says:

        Another cast connection: Marc Vann was on a “Frasier” episode but he and Peri Gilpin had no scenes together. Can’t remember the title right now.

  4. I would really miss Hodges and I would be surprised if George Eads left without having something else on the horizon.

  5. Karen-Anna says:

    So George Eads is coming back..yay! ❓

  6. charlotte says:

    @ Author of this article: Frasier did not star Ted Danson. It starred Kelsey Grammar. Ted Danson was never on Frasier, not even a guest spot.

  7. florence says:

    if GE leaves it will be very disappointing because i love hes character soooo much and i think he has grown into his character and he is at the height of his acting career and now csi is just being replaced with new people and soon everybody is going to leave and csi is just going to burn out

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