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  1. mvespinoza says:

    CBS Site not available in Ecuador… Bummer!

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      All it says is:

      Renewed dramas are NCIS, television’s #1 drama/scripted program for the third consecutive year; NCIS: LOS ANGELES, the #2 drama for the second straight year; HAWAII FIVE-0, CRIMINAL MINDS, CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, PERSON OF INTEREST, the #1 new series of the season, THE MENTALIST, BLUE BLOODS and the award-winning and critically acclaimed THE GOOD WIFE.

  2. Katriina Laiho says:

    I hope Jorja/ Sara stays. There has been way too much changes during few years. Even tough the last whole season I’ve seen, is 11. I’ve watched episodes from Internet, but I don’t always find sites which would be available from my country.

    But my point is, that I’ve always liked Sara, she is human and her character is realistic. Hope she stays! Sorry my typing, I’m not a natural english speaker.

  3. She can’t seriously think of leaving as she is the only decent female on the show. How can you compare two blondes against a classy brunette? Personally I think Morgan Brody has a great deal of growing up to do, she makes Greg seem like a veteran. Finlay is ok, do we know if everyone is a CSI 3 or not?

  4. Katriina Laiho says:

    I don’t think Morgan is (I don’t know for sure), but the others are.

    I still hope she stays!

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      I think she’s a CSI II, but it doesn’t seem to be much of an issue any more. Greg we know is a III, and if Finn isn’t, then she should be.

      (I had a dream I was investigating blood spatter with her… I kind of like Finn.)

  5. To be fair to the Morgan character, I think the writers should give Elisabeth Harnois some meatier stuff to let her character grow. Finlay is already seemingly established as an ex CSI turned instructor returned as a CSI. Sara is the epitome of a CSI, the best on the team. For once I think the entire team needs a lynchpin of somesort to pull them all together. The current dynamics are out of sorts. DB and Finlay have a secret, Morgan still hates her dad, Sara Nick and Greg are the only originals left and I pray for an All hands call to get the dynamics sorted out. Ok I’ll shut up now.

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