CSI 12×18: “Malice in Wonderland” Promo

There’s Jorja in the video, so you know what we get? That’s right. Jorja! Next week on CSI!

When the CSI team is called in to investigate a robbery-homicide at an “Alice In Wonderland”-themed wedding, they have little to work with to find a killer.  Meanwhile, Hodges’ mother comes to town, and he wants her to believe Morgan is his girlfriend.

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  1. I hope there’s some kind of Grissom/GSR in this episode…. If that guys tweet is correct! hahaha but I’m not getting my hopes up!

  2. Administrator Ipstenu says:
  3. Nice interview with the writer of this episode on CSIFiles, Joe Pakaski. Most important:

    “…part of Wednesday night’s story is dedicated to understanding Married life between Sara [Sidle, Jorja Fox] and Grissom. How it works, and why it works. And the last image in that sub-story makes me smile every time I see it.”

    So, maybe more than just a mention? I can’t wait!!!!

    Full interview:

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