Mother Hen

CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATIONTelevizier, a Dutch TV news site, are looking forward to season 13, and apparently especially Sara.

Many apologies for the horrible translation, I used Google:

Peace and Wisdom

Sara begins in CSI increasingly taking place in Catherine Willows, the former right hand of the chief of the night shift: a “mother hen” to experience peace and wisdom radiates. Jorja Fox plays the role back weekly since 2011, after a break of several years. “Sara is mature and wiser,” admits the 43-year-old actress. “She had to get away from its balance sheet to find after some shocking things. In that time she has some demons from her past buried, so they refined and with a clean slate could start again. “Her marriage to Gil Grissom, Sara well done:” This makes it a lot more stable. I must say that they have not seen each other a long time. This may mean that there are tensions between Sara and Gil. But what exactly is going on, I do not know. I’m not in the writing team. “


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