Sara Sidle Trivia

No cheating and looking at the JorjaPedia! Go answer five questions about your favorite CSI, Sara Sidle, on CBS’s CSI: Anatomy of TV Show trivia page! They also have her ‘official’ profile page, which matches what I’ve had up on JFO for a while.

You get extra points (from me) if you can get all five without needing a hint.

Want to know more about Sara? Check out the JorjaPedia Sara Sidle Profile.

PS: If you can’t see it on, there’s a copy (of course) here.

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  1. I rocked that Sara Sidle quiz! Only one I didn’t have to hesitate on any questions :)

  2. Mad for Jorja says:

    5/5! Yay, but for some questions I had to think whether the answer I thought of was canon or fanfic.

  3. 5/5 💡
    In the second I kicked, I confess!

  4. 5/5 :smile:

    Her profile left off at the end of Season 7, or is there another page? Seriously, a lot has happened since then!

  5. Karen-Anna says:

    5/5 😀
    Those questions were really easy 😀
    Seeing as it is Sara Sidle week, is there any chance CBS will have Jorja tweeting like George done a few weeks back?

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      The next two are:

      Alec Smight – Production for “Stealing Home” on 3/7/12
      Phil Conserva – Post-Production and Audio Mixing on 3/9/12

  6. Karen-Anna says:

    Bummer, would’ve been cool :sad:

  7. I got all of them right and I got all the Nick Stokes questions right too! That’s how awesome I am lol.

  8. OK. I got 5/5 too, but look what we have to contend with in the UK

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