“Seeing Red” Recap and Screencaps

Sara Seeing RedOnly two stars for Sara, but this was a very nice episode. It felt like classic CSI, and they didn’t shove Shue down anyone’s throat. I could like her.

Also? Diebenkorn.

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  1. annasophia says:

    Very good episode last night. It was a sweet surprise to see Jorja in the episode. I think I’m going to warm up to Elisabeth Shue. She needs to tone it down a notch but I guess she has to settle into the character a bit. I thought it was a 3 star for Sara. She was a bit mellow and calm, even in her manner of talking. Liked it.

    No offense intended by this but Jorja needs to wear sunscreen in her chest. Her chest burn looks really painful. The difference in the coloring between her face and chest is really noticeable and a bit distracting in some scenes. Perhaps they forgot to put makeup in that part of her body.

    • Given the back story involves, I think, DB getting her fired, I’d be a little prickly too.

      I’m not sure if Jorja actually has a sunburn or if it’s the weird lighting.

  2. AbraCadaver says:

    When I saw Morgan in the opening scene with Nick, I thought “no Sara” but happily that was not the case. 😉

    I like “Finn”. It’s rather funny that D.B. calls her “Jules” as that is also the name Shawn Spencer calls his detective girlfriend Juliet on “Psych” which runs opposite “CSI” during its seasonal appearances. Coincidence?

  3. Diebenkorn!?!?! I’ld go by DB if that was my given name.
    Ken Tucker at EW.com wonder if it is honour of an artist name Robert Diebenkorn.

    Love the epi. Finn wasn’t shoved down our throats and looks like she’ll be graduallly introduced to the crew. Which is good,

    The first scene with Nick and Morgan and the ugly Burrito was funny.

  4. Karen-Anna says:

    Finally got around to watching this ep…it was good I think I could like this Jules…I mean Finn person 😛 my one problem…did anyone else think she looked like Chelsea Handler? ❓

    Love that Sara was in it, even though it was short screen time

  5. I loved it 😉

  6. Loved the episode… I’ve watched it twice and still can’t figure out why Wes went all psycho on Elena. Did I miss something?

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