CSI 12×19: “Split Decisions” Discussion Post

Official Release

The CSI team shuts down an entire casino in an effort to find the person who shot a man at point-blank range … and is still in the casino.



Recap and screencaps will be up Thursday. This is going to be the new standard, since I simply cannot stay up till 1am anymore. If anyone else wants to help do screencaps, drop me a line at webmaster[at]jorjafox.net 


  1. mvespinoza says:

    Nice Promo, first one though… second is not available :) I wish I could help but I am limited with computer stuff and I don’t get to see the program here, I mean we get the old episodes.
    But thanks for working so hard on this fan site I LOVE it, you are the best and it’s so cool I have you on FB

    • Administrator
      Ipstenu says:

      The second one is US only, because CBS are idiots. Thankfully it’s the same as the first, just in higher quality, so you’re not missing much.

  2. Administrator
    Ipstenu says:

    There’s also a preview up on CBS.com (US Only) :sad:


  3. WOW I didn’t expect that, I liked

  4. Administrator
    Ipstenu says:

    That was pretty damn cool :D Well played, Shades of Hannah. :!:

  5. Really liked this episode. The science was interesting, good plot twists, and a fine empathetic Sara. I was pleasantly surprised. Love to watch Jorja work her magic.

  6. spunkycsi says:

    I thought it was a pretty good episode too. You are right it did feel like shades of Hannah. Sara was great tonight!