“Tressed to Kill” – Recap and Screencaps

Tressed to Kill

Well wow. Just wow. It’s a four stars for Sara, and a return of sassy Sara. She was in pretty much 3/4ths of the episode, with science and smarts and generally awesomeness.

I have short hair, but I kept checking it all through the ep.

Did you see it coming? Did you like seeing lots of Sara? Did you think she’d be a Matt Damon or a Daniel Craig kind of girl? What was your favorite quote?

Mine’s “Extreme Makeover: Psychopath Edition”

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  1. Stop looking at my hair! This is definitely without a doubt my favourite episode of the season. It had the same feel to it as some of the older episodes and of course it gets lots of bonus points for lots of Sara. I really loved this episode and Jorja looked so beautiful :smile:

  2. Sara, rocked, DB looked lost after the 3rd killing, and Hodges was hilarious. Did you hear, they cast Jaclyn Smith (Original Charlie’s Angel) as Hodges Mother.

  3. “stop looking at my hair” was my favourite quote. The way jorja delivered it was just plaine AWESOME. and I have the samephysical features as most of those girls (long dark hair, fairly skinny) and i was looking behind me every 10 seconds. they definently amped up the creepy vibe with this one. I will say though, as soon as they introduced the doctor, i knew it was him. I think it was the way he looked at Sara and Morgan.

  4. The look on Sara’s face when they walked in on the hair dresser guy was great. She was SO scared. Also loved the line about liking daniel craig, and overall just a great Sara episode. I also liked the way they “included” Catherine. Now if only they would mention Grissom. LOL!

  5. Karen-Anna says:

    Did anyone else get a little emotional at the end, when D.B was talking to Catherine? 😥 That was just so touching! It was a really good episode, loads of Sara 😀

  6. I was already cheering when the credits rolled…Danson, Eads, Fox. Yay! The whole episode was thrilling, creepy, engrossing. Lots of good Sara scenes, working with Russell, interacting and investigating like the ace she is. Jorja has stepped up and makes it look effortless. The season has finally caught fire for me! 💡 😎

  7. What was the exchange between Sara and Morgan about “you better check yourself?” — I rewound like 4 times but was still confused.

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      The one in the first crime scene? Sara was saying that the dead girl was blonde, so Morgan should be careful. And Morgan joked “She used to be brunette, so you better check yourself.” They were making of the morbid humor.

  8. sarasidlefan2008 says:

    when watching the theme, it was weird not seeing Marg in the credits. the episode itself was creepy but very good. lots of Sara!!!

  9. Great episode! Probably my favorite of the season.
    Lots of Sara and her scenes with DB were nice. I kept hearing Grissom’s advice to her in GB&GL: ‘Some cases/suspects can get under your skin; you can’t let them make you feel bad.’ I think she wanted to give the same advice to DB. Really liking their scenes together.
    But, I’m still (im)patiently waiting for a Grissom mention.

  10. Great episode, Jorja and Ted really carried the episode. I did feel that something was missing from the episode make up. I watched it and kept waiting for something to happen and then it ended. Just can’t put my finger on it though.
    Not sure that Jaclyn Smith would make the best mother for Hodges, I keep seeing someone along the lines of Betty White for that position. LOL.

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