More Marg Farewell Roundups

There’s just a lot going on between Marg’s star and her leaving, so this is a round up for the weekend!

Marg’s Star

This is a fan’s video, and he put music over it, but this is what the monsoon was like:

And here’s an official video with highlights of Jorja’s speech

And another!

There’s a transcript of Marg’s speech up at AAM, and I’ll try and get one of Jorja’s this weekend.

Marg Leaving CSI

From Entertainment Weekly, we know¬†Jorja gave Marg a card with polar bears on it for Marg’s going-away party.

TV Guide gives a little more detail on the tequila bender.

StudioPress Theme of the Month


  1. It’s sad she’s leaving. Only three people left of the team now that was there from the start :sad:

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