More Marg Farewell Roundups

There’s just a lot going on between Marg’s star and her leaving, so this is a round up for the weekend!

Marg’s Star

This is a fan’s video, and he put music over it, but this is what the monsoon was like:

And here’s an official video with highlights of Jorja’s speech

And another!

There’s a transcript of Marg’s speech up at AAM, and I’ll try and get one of Jorja’s this weekend.

Marg Leaving CSI

From Entertainment Weekly, we know¬†Jorja gave Marg a card with polar bears on it for Marg’s going-away party.

TV Guide gives a little more detail on the tequila bender.


  1. It’s sad she’s leaving. Only three people left of the team now that was there from the start :sad: