CSI 12×12 “Willows in the Wind” Recap and Screencaps

Willows in the WindI’m giving this Three Stars for Sara’s Scientific Badassery. She quoted some theory, she connected dots, and she was smart. Good Sara scenes. Not enough, but what can you do? Sara picked up on the shots being fired at Catherine’s address, she found the bullets, she saw the cleanup job right away.

And some amusing tweets from Carol Mendelsohn!

Apparently, like Sara’s farewell letter which was written by Jorja, Marg wrote a lot of Catherine’s speech. For me? Getting to hear a repeat of “King Kong on cocaine” brought cheers. That was always my favorite line.

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  1. Thank you Billy for the story arc!

  2. i like how they ended it. It was sort of a full circle for catherine, sitting there with a new CSI, talking about King Kong on cocain. however I was expectin more of conversation between Sara and/or Nick. Is it odd that my favourite part was D.B talking to his wife at the strip club? That and the man pulling out a bag of cell phones.

  3. I like DB giving the “lady” a get out of jail pass (so to speak) for helping them and then giving a revolving door pass the the “boyfriend”. I do wish that Gil would have at least called Catherine after he found out; maybe something like Catherine’s phone rings she looks that the call display and Grissom’s name show.
    No words just maybe Catherine smiling then puts the phone to her ear.

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      I think that Grissom would have taken focus away from Catherine. The end was about her, and that was right.

      • Yeah, you’re right. It would have been Grissom’s Return, not Catherine’s Graceful Exit. CSI does know how to give a satisfying sendoff.

        I just wish they would MENTION Grissom once in awhile! Twelve episodes…not a single mention. That’s a shame. I am not one of those holding my breath for his return, as long as Jorja is in the picture I am a happy camper, but…give us a crumb please, TPTB.

        I really enjoyed Willows in the Wind.

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