1. Three guesses to whom i picked….. lol

    • Well, the person I chose is beautiful, great csi, a good friend 😛 …
      Speaks seriously. Is Sara Sidle , folks, I do not put up with having to press you … ❗

  2. Agnieszka says:

    That’s too obvious… lol

    • Agnieszka says:

      There is a reason why the worst looking and smelling bodies go to the best CSI ever… And the winner is…… let me guess…… lol

  3. I think the really question should be what ‘currently’ active csi is your favorite. For my Grissom is my favorite. However, Sara is my favorite now that Grissom is global-skipping.

  4. I genuinely would never be able to choose between Grissom and Sara, love them both as equally as it comes. Am I banned from this site now? :) 😳 :smile:

    • Administrator Ipstenu says:

      You know.. I’ve banned less than ten people in 15 years. And never for something as innocent as liking one character over another :)

      My favorite CSI character is Brass. I am not afraid to say that. My favorite CSI actor however is Jorja, have no fear 👿 😈

      • Well that’s good to know 😉
        Brass is great, he’s been so consistently written(apart from perhaps couple episodes in the beginning of season 1 when he was behaving very un-Brass like=) Shame he isn’t in every episode nowadays.

      • p.s 15 years! Quite incredible really. I didn’t even know what internet was 15 years ago=)

      • Administrator Ipstenu says:

        The site was much simpler 15 years ago! 👿

      • *Gasp!* 😉 though Brass ain’t a shabby choice :smile: BUT I’m very happy to see Sara’s in the lead. (no secret she’s my favorite)

  5. 1 – Sara
    2 – Grissom
    3- Greg

  6. NataliaEagle says:

    1. Sara Sidle

  7. 1st = Sara. 2nd = Grissom. 3rd = DB Russell

  8. AbraCadaver says:

    I almost voted for Ecklie because Jorja is good friends with Marc Vann, but I didn’t. 😉

  9. Quais dos atores de csi são amigos realmente de Jorja?

  10. Sara and DB all the way!!! 😀

  11. Garynautovic says:

    Its very difficult 😥
    1. Gil Grissom
    2. Sara Sidle/ Grissom
    3. Jim Brass

  12. 339 votes!!!! Yeah!! I hope Jorja knows how much she’s loved & how many people love Sara!

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