Yes, Billy Was On Set

So the Writers Room stirred the pot:

And then Frank Waldeck opened it:

This does not mean Billy’s going to be in the episide or anything at all.

What does it mean? Billy visited the set. Photos were taken. That’s all I know.


  1. tsxavier says:

    Great pics, I loved to read this news! xD :star: But where`s Jorja in the pics with him? ❓

  2. Could be that he was there for Paul’s last day and he is/was an executive producer so that’s two options there…I wouldn’t be expecting big things from this visit (as I’m him being in a scene) but hey it nice to know he still visits…occasionally :roll:

  3. Do not remember him visiting before, you remember? I hope that it appears to give a hug to Brass. And who is it that will remain as captain LVPD?

    • @: Billy hasn’t been on set for a long time.

      No one knows who will be the new LVPD captain, or even if they’ll have one. The guest star in those photos is played by Treat Williams, and he’s playing an expert criminalist.

  4. All I have to say? Billy looks GOOD. Except in the first shot. Int he first shot he looks like, and I quote my best friend, “A homeless guy they let onto the set who is trying to talk to Ted about cheese.” 😉

  5. SUZIEBILLS says:


  6. Well, talk about a surprise O_o Now, I wonder what’s the deal with the darker-dyed hair… >:D *I know, i know, I shut up:)) but even though I haven’t been watching for a while now I don’t think I’ll ever lose a glimmer of hope of seeing him in an episode again*

  7. I didn’t even recognize him at first.

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