Last Day Of Filming For Season 14

That would be today!

But yesterday was Paul’s last day ever (please read the link before you ask questions, or you make CSIs sad – also, all I know is what’s in the news). The amount of sad I have right now cannot be measured.

While I don’t have any photos of Jorja and Paul, I do have this:

Me, #jorjafox and @hjmtimmers !! #csi #csi14 #season14 #episode22 #universal #universalstudios #losangeles

A photo posted by Dominic Vleer (@dominicvleer) on

Dominic is a hairstylist.

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  1. Helly Bradley-Wyatt says:

    Wow Jorja looks so young in this foto? Can’t believe they have finished filming already! Hope she is back next season with a big prominent story line but not Grissom!

    • @Helly Bradley-Wyatt: Jorja has superpowers. Everyone else has to age, not her. 😉

      She should be back next season. They announced Paul, so I imagine they’d announce everyone else now as well. That said, I know nothing about TV, apparently.

      • I wish I knew her secret! Lol! I’m already looking forward to next season, but it will be a shame Paul’s gone!

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