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""CSI" Star Jorja Fox Campaigns Against Circus Animal Abuse"
11 July 2008

Jorja Fox's character on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" is known for fighting crime. Now the actress is taking a stand against wrong-doers in real life, too.

Fox, well known for her prominent role as Sara Sidle on the CBS hit, is campaigning against the suffering of circus animals. She will hand deliver copies of a new scientific report on the circus animal abuse to officials at Austin's City Hall on Friday.

The report is from Animal Defenders International (ADI), a non-profit organization that is currently promoting their "Stop Circus Suffering" campaign.

"We sent Jorja an advance copy of our DVD and report and told her what was happening to the animals. She was really concerned. It really moved her, and she said she wanted to do whatever she could to help," ADI President Jan Creamer tells the Celebrity News Service exclusively.

The DVD contains "new, shocking undercover footage of tiger cubs, elephants and other circus animals being punched in the face, beaten and kicked in the name of 'entertainment,'" according to a press release.

ADI is hoping to capture attention by screening the footage at the City Hall press conference. It will also be sent to the U.S. Congress for review. Fox's involvement will promote the the campaign's call for a nation-wide ban of animal circuses.

"She's a very compassionate person. What we really appreciate about her is that she is using her celebrity for good causes," Creamer tells CNS.

Fox has been active in other causes, as well. She is vegetarian and supports the Human Rights Campaign. She has also worked with PETA.

"People respect people like Jorja for what they've achieved in their career. People get a slight idea of the real Jorja when they look at some of the issues she's covered in her career, on shows like 'CSI' and 'The West Wing,'" says Creamer.

"We saw an episode of CSI where Jorja investigated the murder of a gorilla... Species like gorillas, they're our cousins," says Creamer, adding, "She really highlighted that in the episode. It was moving."

Jorja is not the only celebrity involved with ADI's efforts. Creamer tells CNS that many high-profile celebrities have campaigned with the organization, including Alicia Silverstone, and Paul McCartney and his daughter.

Fox has definitely been keeping busy since she left "CSI" last year. Fans who miss her character on the show will have an opportunity to see Sara Sidle back in action again when she returns as a guest star in the show's season premiere in September.

By: Jennifer Tormo | Credit: AHN
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