And Then There Were None

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
"And Then There Were None"
Season 2, Episode Nine
Station (US): CBS
Air Date (US): 22 November 2001
Production No.: 209
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Gil Grissom and his team investigate a casino heist during which innocent victims were shot, while Catherine and Sara Sidle are called to the scene of a murder in a remote part of the desert.

The evidence found at both crime scenes -- the crowded local casino and the isolated desert convenience store where a clerk was murdered -- has the CSI team drawing a correlation between the two crimes. Featuring the return of Tammy Felton.[1]

Sara Sidle Review

Sara and Catherine check out a convenience store robbery / murder in far away Cal Nev Ari (they get lost driving out there). At the scene, Sara questions the waiting State Trooper as to whether he touched anything, then apologizes to him for asking (she regrets the apology later when they discover the Trooper's prints all over the 'Closed' sign in the store window). When Catherine starts complaining about being sent to a distant scene when she's got seniority, Sara hands her a candy bar to shut her up. Waiting for the Coroner to arrive, Sara borrows a mirror from Catherine to check out the vic's face; she lifts shoe prints from the counter and decides to use a flourescent green print powder just because she's never used it before. Later they discover that to store victim is actually the final member of a casino robbery gang, killed by his accomplices, and that the State Trooper they met is responsible for murdering the final robber.

Character Notes

  • More flirting between Sara and David Phillips, which continues up through the third season.
  • Sara doesn't care about her appearance - or so Catherine claims.
  • If Sara is with Grissom or Catherine, they drive - if she's with anyone else, she drives.[2]


Sidle: (looking at fingerprint dust) I've never tried green...

Sidle: You got a mirror?
Willows: Since when do you care about your appearance? (pauses, noting Sara's reaction) At a crime scene.

Phillips: I can smell the body. Where is it?
Sidle: (pops up from behind the counter) Hey, David. I wasn't touching it.
Phillips: I know you better than that.

Willows: We ID'd one from the "open/closed" sign.
Sidle: Great.
Willows: No. Not so great. State trooper.
Sidle: You've got to be kidding me. "Officer Moron" contaminated the scene.


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