ET Online (07 December 2011)

ET Online
07 December 2011


I like to think that I know Marg very well. And she’s one of the toughest, most stoic people — forget about woman or ladies — I mean one of the most stoic people I’ve ever met. And these moments where she’s kind of overcome are once in a blue moon. Probably the last time I ever saw that happen her dog died, probably six years ago. She’s got nerves of steel. So yeah, it’s really overwhelming. I lovingly call this job the ‘Hotel California’. There’s a line in the song that says that “You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.” I’ve made that joke to her several times in the last couple of weeks. I’m like, ‘You’ll be back, don’t worry. You’re always a part of the team. You’re always part of the family.’ And I think that, I mean, I believe in my heart I think it makes it easier to say goodbye to her right now because I believe in my heart she will be back at some point, some time. Obviously that will be Marg’s decision and that will be the writers’ decision. And, you know, fate will prevail.

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