Gay TV (26 September 1997)

26 September 1997


Jorja Fox is also the actress known as Jorjan Fox. They're the same person, but when she joined the cast of ER, Jorjan shortened her name to Jorja. Oh, those showbiz types.

All of America will be watching ER tomorrow night as TV's top-rated show is broadcast live for its fourth season premiere! Will Dr. Ross and Nurse Hathaway rekindle their romance? Will Dr. Greene finally get over his assault from last season? And, more importantly, will the actors royally flub those lines of long, complicated medical jargon they so convincingly bark out every week? Gay and lesbian viewers might also want to find out what's next for ER's lesbian second-year resident, Maggie Doyle, played by the spunky young actress Jorja Fox.

When Fox joined the cast last season as the headstrong resident Doyle, it was readily apparent that, green as she may be, Doyle wasn't one to take crap from anybody. She is a character full of contradictions. She drives a BMW but comes from a middle-class background (her dad's a cop). She seemed flirty enough with handsome fellow resident John Carter (Noah Wyle), but when taking some target practice with him on a shooting range she happened to see one of her ex-girlfriends in a nearby booth firing away. Needless to say that Carter, and ER's viewers, were surprised to hear this news. What will happen to Doyle this season? It's hard to say, but the show's writers seem eager to include her in the mad rush of every episode, so maybe this year we can get to know more about Doyle's life outside the ER.

In a fun gay-related item, Fox played up her newfound gay notoriety last spring, when she appeared at the end of the now infamous Ellen coming-out episode as a woman who approaches Ellen at the lesbian coffeehouse, only to hit on Ellen's pal, Paige.

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