Kern County Crime Labs (2005)

Members of the cast of the CSI television show attended a Crime Lab Day at the Kern County Regional Crime Laboratory in Bakersfield, California. That day was devoted as an open house allowing the public and the media to tour the crime lab and meet the staff. Crime Lab Day was in essence a public awareness day designed to bring attention to the lab���s lack of funding and resources. It highlighted the solving of a twenty-five year old murder case through DNA analysis, and the solving of the laboratory���s first cold hit DNA sexual assault case. A cold hit was the detection of a sexual assault predator���s DNA on a piece of physical evidence and it���s link to DNA profile in an established DNA database.

As a result of the publicity of Crime Lab Day, the laboratory soon received an augment of over $500,000.00 to its existing budget.

Jorja Fox (and other members of the CSI cast) attented on 13 January 2005.

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