The Finger

Season 2, Episode Fourteen
Station (US): CBS
Air Date (US): 31 January 2002
Production No.: 214
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When a man withdraws one million dollars cash from his bank, and he's got blood on his hands, he draws attention from the police, and soon Catherine ends up an unwitting participant in a kidnapping gone awry in which the only lead to the victim is a severed finger. Catherine is ordered by a kidnapper to accompany a man who is to deliver $1 million in ransom to him or else he will kill the man's mistress. And ... Sara goes on a date.

Sara Sidle Review

Sara was on a date with Hank this episode, and had told Warrick where she was going. Warrick, in turn, told everyone at work.

Character Notes

  • In a sign of her social ineptitude, Sara talks work on her date.


Peddigrew: I can't believe you called. I actually got you outside of work.
Sidle: This is nice.
Peddigrew: I don't normally date women from work, but there was something about you - and it definitely wasn't your perfume. [1]

Sidle: I cannot believe you brought that up. (pauses, seeing Catherine outside) Yeah, yeah, that, that, that, uh, day we met, that, that was very gross. Not for me, but for everyone else, for you. (Catherine enters diner)

Sidle: It's kind of a coincidence, you know? Catherine just showing up where I was. I mean, she didn't know.
Stokes: I knew.
Brown: *Warrick grins at this*
Sidle: *shoves Warrick in the shoulder*


  1. [[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode Bully for You]]
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