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Jorja Fox: Online (aka JFO) is a non-profit, unofficial fansite and has no professional or personal connection with Jorja Fox, or any TV show, movie or stage production represented here. No one who has worked on this site was compensated, monetarily or similarly, by anyone connected with the aforementioned.

At times, media donations from people professionally or personally associated with Jorja Fox have been accepted, however they are used on this site and given freely to all fans. They are not private gifts to the site admins.

JFO makes no claims to the ownership of any non-original media files or information displayed on this website. All pictures, video and audio clips are copyrighted to their respective owners; no copyright infringement is intended in their reproduction, and every effort is made to credit the original source, via links, and to edit content promptly when asked. Use of material on this site falls under the Fair Use copyright law 107.

If you own certain materials and would like them removed, by US law you must contact before taking any legal action. For details, please see the information on Copyright Infringement.

If you would like to use media from this site, please comply with the information on publication by third parties (which can be summarized as 'Please attribute credit to this site.')

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