6 thoughts on “Promo: CSI 8”

  1. Good god.

    I saw it on my TV but it was toooo small to pick up the visuals.

    I can’t believe all the episodes they referenced here, and do my eyes deceive me or did they use the term “GSR” on national television.

    No matter what happens, we definitely can know that fans have affected the series in some fashion.

    I personally don’t think it was a good idea to make such a cheesetastic promo and blow the surprise. But, this entire thing is just surreal for me.

    I guess we’ll see what happens.

  2. CBS is better than NBC. Anyone remember the drama of ‘Tonight, a hero will fall.’ from when Mark Greene was in a helicopter accident on ER? Except nothing happened. Right. Screw you, NBC. I only watch Bionic Woman and Heroes on your stupid channel these days.

    I think he’s going to say it, and since they’re pimping it like mad, it’s going to be a legit proposal. Mrs. Ipstenu rolled her eyes at it, but I argued it was pure Grissom. He doesn’t know what to do with girls, even his own girl. But Sara hooked up with the BugMan knowing that’s the kind of guy he is. Were I her, I’d be thinking ‘Maybe!? Maybe? Damn it, Gilbert, you’re so weird!’ But that’s her man, alright.

  3. It doesn’t seem to be a proposal but a something they should consider !! But if Grissom really ask her, I hope she’ll say yes !!!

  4. It didn’t seem like a marriage proposal as much as it did him feeling her out on the subject… but I agree that it is pure Grissom. He doesn’t know what to do with people, never mind ‘girls’ – Catherine has chided him on the subject of noticing people for years, and every once in a while he asks her to handle a situation because he’s not good with people.

  5. I wonder if Grissom will invite Lady Heather to the wedding?

    As GSR heavy (and soap opera oriented) as I expect these last episodes to be – that is, if Jorja is actually leaving the show – it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they did do a “Sara is pregnant” story… that would be a good excuse for her to leave the lab without them killing her off. :mrgreen:

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