CSI Season Nine Rumors, Spoilers and Speculation

This is an open post for folks to gossip. Here’s the deal of what we know:

  1. Jorja Fox will be back for at least 2 episodes.
  2. Lady Heather comes back.
  3. The characters from ‘Too Tough To Die’ return

There’s more stuff but this is what affects most Jorja/Sara/GSR fans, so I’m putting this out there as it stands. Yes, there’s a rumor about a promo of Sara in Grissom’s office (when I find it, IF it exists, I’ll post about it). Yes, there are promo shots of Grissom at WPAP. But as for all those other rumors about how Sara gets thrown out of the lab, Sara’s pregnant, Grissom cheats on her… That’s all they are. Rumors. I’m not going to waste my time debunking them, and instead I say this:

If I know it’s true, I will post. Otherwise, I say nothing.

Please don’t email asking for ‘more information!’ because if I’m not telling you, its because I don’t know. I’ve already had to blacklist one person for harassment about this. I will report on things as they’re proven, but I don’t waste time on idle spec. It serves no purpose.

7 thoughts on “CSI Season Nine Rumors, Spoilers and Speculation”

  1. Thanks for posting these. This is the first I’ve heard about the people from Too Tough to Die. I’m so freaking glad she’s coming back, and even more so that she has a good story.

  2. OOh, I loved “Too Tough to Die” how interesting that they are going to follow up on it. I’m so excited the Jorja is coming back…I’m not sure how excited I can be about Lady Heather, which is not to say that I don’t love Melinda Clark, but I’m a little queasy about the direction the writers will take with Heather/Grissom/Sara. But we shall see. Thanks for posting ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  3. If Sara revisits Pam from “To Tough to Die”, does that mean she is visiting Warrick in the same nursing home? Or is she revisiting to see what kind of life Warrick would have HAD he survived? From the photograph of Grissom with Warrick, I seriously doubt that Warrick survives. Too many comments from reviews about grief and death affecting the team. I am thrilled Sara returns, if only for a few minutes. However, one review (can’t find it now to quote) says Sara will be the main subject of one of the episodes.

  4. I agree with you about rumours Ipstenu.No one seems to realise how much this upsets fans.If someone has an imagination let them write in a pad or something.

  5. I admit, the only thing I hate more than people who spread false (or unfounded) rumors are the people who demand I tell them the truth. Because y’know obviously in the 11 years I’ve run the site, I’ve always kept things secret and hidden from you guys. *sigh*

    But yeah, the CBS forums and wiki make me wince a lot.

    Laurence Fishburne is a go for CSI.

  6. Thank you SO much for posting these. I agree that the silly rumors going around serve no purpose. I have tried to keep my wiki ‘rumorles’, but it is hard.
    Not really happy about LF coming to the show. I’ve never really liked him. Oh, well. I wasn’t going to watch after William Petersen leaves anyway.
    Once again, you are the best.

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