Emmy Nominated for “Goodbye and Good Luck”

No one’s shocked. Jorja’s listed in round one for an Emmy. As we can learn from last year, Greys Anatomy tends to suck up the slots for Best Actress, but here’s hoping. Personally, I thought “Dead Doll” was a strong episode (what shows acting chops more than selling an episode with almost no dialogue?), but Jorja was certainly in the news for this one. She is currently the only CSI actress from any of the three shows to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress. No one from Greys is nominated in that category.

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20 thoughts on “Emmy Nominated for “Goodbye and Good Luck””

  1. I really hope Jorja wins but as happens many times it’s not always talent but popularity that wins out. I’ve seen many award shows where the less talented person has won and I think it’s due to the person’s popularity trumping talent

  2. Supporting, it should have been Lead Actress but maybe this is the way TPTB are trying to guarantee that A) she’ll be nominated and B) that in their competitive industry that she’ll stand a stone throw chance in Hell of winning.

  3. It is supporting actress because that is how CSI works.
    Really hope she wins.
    We adore Jorja in England

  4. where could I find this list of nominated people/show’s? 😕 Hope she wins… 😉

  5. Jorja Fox is an awsome actress!! CSI will never be the same without her. She’s truly amazing and should absolutely win this award!! Its long overdo!!

  6. hey, how did I do that ❓ My picture is here and I did’nt do anything. (sorry I can’t write english verry well. (from the Netherlands…. 👿 )

  7. Catherine Green

    I hope CSI sweeps the Emmys. William Petersen’s talent has made the show cohesive and powerful. He is largely responsible for the show’s success and ratings and correspondingly for all the spin offs which dominate TV today – therefore responsible for an army of people who derive their living from the industry. When does the industry give this man his due recognition?

  8. Yup.

    The list doesn’t get trimmed until … next month? And, alas, they tossed in some Grey’s names, so the odds just tanked. 🙁

  9. Sorry, I’m a little stupid and still confused. 😕 Has the big long list of names (for supporting actress) been shortened already (like the Comedy/Drama series lists)? Or is it still the big long list that contains everybody that the networks are throwing into the mix?

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