Ipstenu: On the road

Normally I wouldn’t post this, as it’s not about Jorja. However it’s the summer, and everyone’s on vacation. Including me. I’m off on a camping trip for two weeks as of Sunday the 6th, and I will have very limited access to the net if any. While I’m gone, you’ll be on your own, so please, don’t go crazy.

What will (probably) happen while I’m gone:
• Any day now: The actors may strike. Jorja’s already filmed her episodes for the first part of the season, so the only real worry is ‘Will Sara return in the end of the season?’ If there’s a strike, probably not.
• July 7th: Jorja turns 40. Animal Acres is sending her a card from us, with all your names in it. Yep! Everyone who donated. They named a pig after her, and I believe that Pig Jorja will be in the photo. A Happy Birthday post will magically appear on the 7th for your felicitations.
• July 17th: The Emmy finalists will be announced. Jorja may be included, but we don’t know yet.

Consider this an open topic to go on about anything. Be respectful, be nice and remember: What would Jorja do?

2 thoughts on “Ipstenu: On the road”

  1. Good vacations, enjoy them !! i have to stay at home 🙁 ,anyway, i will try to go to sky one weekend (here’s winter)

    PD: Sorry for my english!
    PD2: Emmys = 🙁

  2. Have a good trip and enjoy camping!!… anywhere special?
    We do Yellowstone almost every year. This year is a week in NY gem hunting…

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