Total: $1098.90 Raised For Animal Acres

The drive is over, and any money that trickles in today will be refunded. We’ve popped the top on our goal with $1098.90 raised.

Add that to the $1033.28 raised for Burma and that means Jorja Fox Fans raised $2132.18 in three months!

From the 80ish year old woman who called me for help setting up her paypal account down to the teenager whose parents called to make sure I was legit before putting their child’s allowance in some stranger’s paypal account, I salute you all.

5 thoughts on “Total: $1098.90 Raised For Animal Acres”

  1. This just makes me feel so proud to be a part of this crazy fandom we call CSI. Great job!

  2. When I’m 80-ish in another 40 years, I want to be that woman, too. For now, I’m proud to be apart of this!

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