3 Weeks To Daytona

How wild is that Jorja would be in a movie about race cars? And I find this out on the day I buy my first car (not a race car, a Hybrid)?

But, yes, Jorja will be in an indie film called 3 Weeks To Dayton, featuring Jorja Fox as Cheryl, Lucas Ardagna as Worm and Scott Cohen as Chuck.

Soon to race into a theater near you, 3 Weeks to Daytona is the story of a down on his luck stock car racer with one dream left to hold onto, drive with best. Unfortunately, with a busted car, no money, and bad job, Chuck’s limelight could be fading fast. When a final chance falls his way, can he patch things up with his son, crew chief, and turn himself around before its too late?

18 thoughts on “3 Weeks To Daytona”

  1. Great! Now a movie to look forward to! Funny for a self proffessed lightweight in all things mechanical and gorey she has yet anothr tough girl roll. Gosh I love her!

    1. You and me both holly. I think it’s funny that Sara knows so much about cars, and processes them more than any other character, and here she is a mechanic in a race car movie. Is Jorja really mechanically inclined?
      Congrats to Ipstenu on your hybrid purchase! You are doing your bit to pollute less and save more gas! Jorja would be proud!

  2. Ahhh, so maybe this was why she hasn’t been in CSI lately! Although as long as we get to see her in something thats good too!

    Congrats on the new car Mika! I still remember my first car, I nearly cried when it went to scrap!!

  3. when is this moive coming ou.. i shall go see it just becasue jorja is in it. i don’t really like nascar.. but it’s jorja so yea. can’t wait 😛 😛 😛

  4. It’ll be interesting to see where this movie plays. I sure hope the sound in the movie is better than in those YouTube clips — couldn’t hear the actors at all, just the whir of some big machine (I assume the car).

    Hope Jorja says something, eventually, about how she came to do this project.

    Of course, I would go see the movie simply because she’s in it. 😛

  5. What happened to the videos? When I try to view them they say they have been removed by the user. 🙁

  6. Bummer 🙁 I have them saved, but let me check with the folks running the show to make sure it’s okay to put them up.

    FYI: Removed by user means just that. The person who posted them took them down.

  7. Re: Videos — They were truly NOT great videos, so those of you who didn’t get to see them shouldn’t feel like you missed much. Sound was terrible and you couldn’t hear/know what was going on (other than Jorja was working on a race car).

  8. The reason the quality was so low was because it was a behind the scenes shot while they were filming, not an actual promo. So the the sound of the engine cut out their voices, but on the big screen, thanks to mics, you’ll hear what they say.

  9. Love This Thanks for posting! Congrats on the new car!!!!!
    As for Jorja is there anything she does not look cool doing on screen!

    Keeping the Faith!
    Poppie x x x .

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