Animal Acres Events – Veggie Pride Parade

Animal Acres event season is picking up. The 2009 Calender of Events has been updated for the year, and up first is the Veggie pride Parade.

If you’re in LA, go check out the historic event, show some veggie pride and help educate people about health, the environment, and humanity. There will be a rally with vegetarian food, entertainment, and bands, as well as special guest speakers including Karen Dawn (of ‘Thanking the Monkey’).

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Finally, Jorja is on the front page of the spring newsletter, with a quote from last year’s gala:

Actress Jorja Fox, who stared on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” said she is a longtime supporter [of Animal Acres] and follower. “If you can spend a little time with these creatures, you can connect them again to animals that you love, which I think helps everybody remember the importance of treating them humanely and with dignity.”

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  2. Yay!!! I wish i could go to the parade but, I don’t like in Lasvegas so instead i might go fishing 😯 🙂 Mabey one day I will get to meet Jorja 🙂 😆 😛

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