Breaking News: Jorja on the Kevin and Bean show this morning!

kroq That’s right, Jorja will be interviewed on KROQ (106.7FM) sometime today on the Kevin and Bean show (so probably this morning, Pacific time).

You can listen on your radio if you’re in California (probably just the LA/Pasadena area though). The rest of us can listen live at OR via iTunes radio (it’s under Alternative Rock).

I wish I had a better time for y’all, but at least they’re pimping her: The Kevin and Bean Show

Update because… Transcript is up!

26 thoughts on “Breaking News: Jorja on the Kevin and Bean show this morning!”

  1. Damn. I have class at 8 this morning so I’m probably going to miss it 🙁 . Hopefully they will have a stream on the site so I can listen later.

    1. I don’t think it was swine flu, I think they were teasing. Swine flu is still in the stage where it still is serious enough that she wouldn’t have done the interview in the studio. That’s because it’s extremely contageous.

  2. I was able to listen to part of the interview; she was gracious and complimentary to everybody as always!! But she sounds sick as a dog, and apparently, Fishburne is sick, too. Hope they feel better soon! 😥

  3. even though she was sick, she sounded sooo cute…well, like always 😀
    thank god i could record it 😀 now i can hear it over and over again.
    ♥love Jorja ♥

  4. i missed it. 🙁 i didn’t know about it untll now, is there somewhere i can hear it. poor Jorja is sick. hope seh gets well soon.

    1. Actually the link worked fine both times. 🙂 Rianne’s link was missing a ending tag which mucked up everyone elses!

      Remember, URLs here work via HTML. A href and all that 😉

    1. Well … you could listen to it when it was live on the air, but that wasn’t practical for everyone. You have to download it because I don’t host streaming media here and it’s actually a lot easier for people to download a 12meg file and play it on their PC than it is to set up streaming. 🙂 What’s wrong with downloading?

  5. You actually don’t have to download it. If you go to the radio station website and click on the tab for the Kevin and Bean show there should be a link that says podcast just click on that then look for the right one and you can listen to it instantly with out any downloading 🙂

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