BuddyTV Reviews CSI’s 200th Episode (and misses Jorja too!)

In a review of CSI’s 200th episode, BuddyTV guest blogger, Abi Kirk, reveals that she too misses Jorja Fox.

I have a whole new appreciation for Riley after “No Way Out” because any lady who takes pistol-whipping like that deserves hats off. I truly am looking forward to seeing Adams’ character in depth, and Lauren Lee Smith is a talented individual. I’m pretty sure she will soon become a favorite, and give the girl a break; it can’t be easy following in the footsteps of Jorja Fox. I’m pretty sure Fox was so loved that some of the fans where near padlocking her to the set – not that I wouldn’t donate a chain or two to that cause, as I am a die hard Sara Sidle fan and I miss her terribly, but we have to eventually move on guys….

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4 thoughts on “BuddyTV Reviews CSI’s 200th Episode (and misses Jorja too!)”

  1. Sorry folks…this Sara Sidle/Jorja Fox fan hasn’t moved on, and probably never will. There’s only one Sara Sidle and no Riley Adam’s can fill her place. Maybe I’m the only one that feels that Fishborn and Adams are the wrong replacements for Sara and Grissom. 🙁

  2. No, You’re not! I can’t stand Riley’s face! She’s always getting on my nerves. Such a shame that she’s Sara replacement. There shouldn’t be one. Nobody can fill Sara’s place. And Langston…..he’s ok, but by far not Grissom. Never will be
    (BTW, this is my new name. It was Terzz. I’ve been away for a while)

  3. I try not to think of Langston and Riley as replacements for Grissom and Sara. No one will be Grissom and no one will be Sara, but having new ‘smart girl’ and ‘nerdy older guy’ character types is nice, in that they aren’t that much like Gris and Sara. Langston is far more emotional that Grissom was (even if that weird Pod Grissom of the pilot ep), and Riley … well, I’m irritated by her still.

  4. Agree with you about Riley Ipstenu but the two episodes Iv’e watched since Grissom left seem sort of flat really.Thing is Grissom, Sara and Warrick were such strong characters well developed down the years. As I am still off Nick Stokes Catherine seems the only one with any ‘ompth’ if you know what I mean. I’m from England.

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