CSI 10×01 “Family Affair” – Promotional Photos (UPDATED)

All credit to BTA and MaMa for these images. Their watermark should remain to credit them! Click on the thumbnails here to see them in their glory.

Ep 10x01: Family Affair Ep 10x01: Family Affair Ep 10x01: Family Affair Ep 10x01: Family Affair

They are TEENY tiny, but as soon as I can get my hot little hands on HQ ones, you know I’ll share ’em.

All credit to SpoilerTV on this one!

24 thoughts on “CSI 10×01 “Family Affair” – Promotional Photos (UPDATED)”

  1. Urgghhh they still have her hiding her left hand lol!! Ahhh yaaayyy pictures, I’m excited all over again 🙂

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I’m so excited! SHe looks absolutely amazing and they all look SO happy to see her! I can’t WAIT until September 24th! 🙂

  3. OMG I just so the HQ pics you posted! I can’t wait until the premiere!
    I spy a wedding ring in the pic w/ Sara shaking Ray’s hand….. 😀

  4. I think the GSR fans are going to be dissapointed if Grissoms does not appear to wisk Sara off somewhere at the end of her stint on CSI.As for replacing Marge Helgenberger when she leaves somewhere in CSI 10 (She has only signed on for one more year)I’m sure everyone would be delighted if jorja did and although I know that California is the most expensive State tax wise and also is in a real mess which effects the entertainment industry this is just ruining the the whole Grissom / Sara thing for everyone. People want to keep their standard of living for themselves and those they love and I really appreciate that but apart from all CSI things I want to see Jorja in something eles.I want her to make her name in something eles!Can you help that CBS

  5. To all the “I see a ring people”, sorry, we only see her right hand in most of the shots. Wedding rings do on the left hand, third finger still don’t they. I love the leather or pleather jacket she’s wearing.

  6. And, most of the photos where you can see a bit of the left had seem to be blured when you see a large version of the shots. Not the whole picture just specific area of her hands. TPTB are messing with us and this time I don’t think I minded it; since it gets us talking about it.

  7. Oh WHOOO WOOO shes back Jf YA thanks for pics. But Jorja is smoking hot with that leather jacket and everything. 🙂

    Thats great see the cast so thrilled to see sara back on csi. But I’m holdign on a faith when it airs septmeber 24th if its wedding ring or not. But I’d congrats on Sara and Gil’s marriage on CSI.
    thanks for update

  8. LOL Love me some Ecklie! Ug, I thought we had seen the last of that pessimistic little girl. 😈 😛

    Can’t wait to see Sara!

  9. Where is Greg? He’s usually Sara’s lap dog and he’s nowhere to be scene in any of the shots.

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