CSI in Paris? Could it be…?

EiffelTower Between a couple CSI fans who happen to be in Paris right now, it looks like CBS is filming at the Sorbonne. Which just happens to be where Grissom is teaching. What does this mean? Let’s break it down:

On Monday, Schumette heard from friends that CSI might be filming at the Sorbonne tweet and told the WPAP, with the caveat that there were no trucks with CBS or CSI written on them tweet. There was filming at 5 Place Paul Painlevé, but by Tuesday it was gone tweet.

In the meantime, joylthomas, who happens to be in Paris right now, was able to confirm via hotel concierge that CSI is filming tweet, and she’s promised to try and find it.

If you’re in Paris and can afford to poke around, please give a shout. This could be nothing related to CSI or it could be exactly what you’re all thinking. More news as I find it!

9 thoughts on “CSI in Paris? Could it be…?”

  1. Well, if it is the supposed Paris episodes the William Petersen suggested, it’s about time. But you would think that CBS would be doing a lot of media announcing the show; maybe their waiting till the next Sweeps Month. When is the nexts sweep month??????????????

  2. The next sweeps are Feb and then May. IF this is going to happen, it would probably air in the Feb sweeps, since WP will be busy with his next play in the spring.
    I would love for this to be true! But I’ll remain cautiously optimistic, as I am with everything GSR related.
    I think the producers would really pimp a WP appearance once a contract and plan are in place, like they did for Jorja in the premiere. No real need to keep it a secret. And the show could use the ‘buzz’.

    1. Who knows maybe Jorja’s there right now. TWo weeks of re-runs and one show where Jorja isn’t mentioned in the credits. The Henry’s Birthday episode. So three weeks where she could be in Paris filming.So………….maybe……… hopefully.

  3. If this is true my brain will explode. Literally. 😉
    I actually just tried to figure out if I could a afford a quick trip to Paris since it’s not THAT far. My obsession knows no limits! 😉

  4. Seem WPand his wife are going to London proir to visiting Paris.Love the city we have been eight times.I have been wondering where Grissom and Sara would live. But there are studio’s in Paris so part of CSI could be filmed there.Could not imagine Grissom going going for a modern apartment so a veiw of said Effel Tower is out. and the Left Bank is out unless he is a million,There might be something near Sorbonne that is like our British Grace and favour places which would suite.As for the movie or an episode or two I am keepingmy fingers crossed.

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