ER 15.22 – And In The End

Dr. Maggie Doyle ER‘s series finale — Noah Wyle and many other ER alums return.

Gates (John Stamos) works on a young teen brought in with alcohol poisoning after playing a deadly drinking game with friends. Dr. Carter (guest star Noah Wyle) opens a new medical facility for the underprivileged in Chicago and some old friends from County General all come to show their support. It’s Sam’s (Linda Cardellini) birthday and Alex (Dominic Janes) and Gates surprise her with a special gift. Meanwhile, Carter works with an intern to save a mother in labor with twins.

I know a lot of you don’t give a hoot about ER, but it was ER that got Jorja The West Wing, and thus CSI. Not to mention how ER was a night-time drama revival 15 years ago. Many moons ago, I actually provided a re-do of the graphics for the alt-tv-er FAQ pages (when they were on Digiserve) around the same time I started JFO as what it is today, and not just a slapped up page off my personal domain.

For good or ill, ER is the reason this site exists. I will be watching tonight.

According to the Today Show, Jorja will be included in the one hour retrospective. You can see an her interview online:

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She says: “It was breathtaking, it was magic. There was so much going on on ”ER” that I certainly had never seen on television before. I don’t think you’ve seen a lot of it in feature films. The use of stedicams … you could do almost an entire act of the show in one sweeping, sort of solid, motion. It was a dance.”

Credit: Today Show

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