Farewell ER – Jorja Remembers

Dr. Maggie Doyle After 15 years, ER calls it an end. While many people feel the show is past its prime, it was innovative in it’s day, and brought back the soapy feel of night-time telly that sometimes gets lost in a procedural.

St. Petersberg Times writer (and Frenemeny of GSRs) Eric Diggens admits he’ll miss the show, and the rotating cast and guest stars mentioning in specific “a pre-CSI Jorja Fox as gay doctor Maggie Doyle.”

And of course Jorja remembers her days on ER (from Emmy Magazine):

“The first time Anthony Edwards directed ER, he had this epic idea to shoot all of act two as one fluid Steadicam shot. We came in and rehearsed it all morning like a stage play.

The scene took place in the emergency room and included almost the entire cast and recurring cast and several guest actors — maybe thirty actors altogether. If I remember right, the camera followed Laura Innes’s character, Dr. Weaver, through five or six rooms and several hallways.

“My material was at the beginning of the shot and the end of the shot. The most nerve-wracking place to be in a scene on ER is at the end. If everyone gets it right — through twists and turns and medical procedures and racing gurneys — I’d feel terrible if I’d walk in at the end and mess up the entire take, which I did on more than several occasions. Now amplify that pressure by being at the end of an entire act! I was just a bit out-of-my-mind nervous at the start of the day.

“Legendary Steadicam operator Dave Chameides shot that entire sequence. After several takes, as Dave would turn the corner near the end of a very long stretch of shooting — through doors and rooms and moving forward and backward and every which way — Anthony Edwards would yell, ‘Cut!’ and Dave would fall to his knees from the weight of the camera. I will never forget the thrill and the adrenaline of that day. We were all able to say that we shot an entire act of an hour-long drama in six or so hours, and I think it came out great.”

The two hour finale airs Thursday, April 2nd.

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