Fifteen Days of ER

The Chicago SunTimes is having a Fifteen Days of ER theme going on, but for the Jorja Fan, there’s not a lot here.

‘ER:’ Season 3 summary mentions the obvious “Dr. Maggie Doyle joins staff.”

And did I mention the clip reel?The highlight reel actually has a lot of Doyle in it. Extra points if you can spot the other CSI star. Oh, and yes, they put in the scene with Doyle and Carter at the firing range.

4 thoughts on “Fifteen Days of ER”

  1. Okay, Doyle moments:

    * In scrubs with Carter, right after Mark gets beat up
    * Sneaking the abused wife out of the state and using the football pool money to pay for it
    * When Jeanie decorates the Christmas tree
    * A couple surgeries
    * Bringing donuts into the office
    * Lydia’s wedding
    * Suturing an eggplant
    * Taking a picture of Carter while Benton has an appendectomy
    * The firing range with Carter

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