Sara Sidles in (Semi)-permanently (updated)

Michael Ausiello and Jorja fans are frenemies. Most of us don’t like him all that much, since he doesn’t seem to much like her. And so it goes and so it goes.

Well today he gave us this.

Exec producer Carol Mendelsohn confirms to me exclusively that Jorja Fox’s five-episode comeback has been extended indefinitely.

That’s right. Jorja is sticking by CSI for a while. How long a while? An unknown while, but a while.

The exact number of episodes that Fox will appear in is still being worked out, but Mendelsohn says it’s substantially more than five. “From our point of view, the more the better,” she says. “As many episodes as we can have Jorja for we want her for.”

Credit: Ausiello Files

Updated 10/14 at 11pm CT
Ask Ausiello confirms Sara was off in Paris last week

Updated 10/15 at 10:30am CT
TV Guide is happy too!

20 thoughts on “Sara Sidles in (Semi)-permanently (updated)”

  1. I’m waaay happy to have her back semi-permanently but what about Grissom!! They can’t have it with her staying away from him for nearly all of the season, they’re married, they need to see each other sometime

  2. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 🙂 I’m so happy, finally a real reason to get up early on Friday mornigs!

  3. I’m soo happy, I’ve been partying all day. I have gone and looked at all the other articles and I still can’t stand the horrible things that others say about Jorja and her acting and Sara. *sighs* oh well I know we can’t please them all. BUT JORJA’s BAck!!! *partying 😆

  4. I am very happy to hear this news. 😀 As someone said above, does that mean Jorja will be included in the credits? And I am curious as to how many episodes she will be in this season.

    1. Details as to the credits have not been worked out yet. If she stays as a ‘special guest’, she won’t be in the credits. Not sure how they’re working it out yet.

  5. I wonder what Jorja’s “semi-return” will mean in terms of her relationship with Grissom? How can their relationship sustain if they are not together? Would they have Grissom return to Vegas and be heard of but “not seen?” I wonder…

    1. While long distant relationships are hard on a couple; it’s the time that they are together that can either strenghthen the relationship or weaken it. With these two I’ll go for the strengthen scenario. Who know maybe in another episode we’ll here that Grissom has taken a teaching job a Stanford. Now that would be an easier commute for the both of them.

  6. Billy Petersen spoke about an episode or 2 from Paris earlier this year. So with Grissom in Paris we have a plot link for that (especially as Sara keeps going back to visit him) – if TPTB decide to follow that route it is all in place. Grissom will probably do a academic term in Paris and return to the States – suspect job at UNLV – Professor of Forensics/consultant. He can easily dip in and out and Sara can work part-time – research with Grissom/CSI Lab – allowing Jorja the luxury of working part-time – one reason she left was the instensice work schedule.

    Question is: Where is Billy Petersen at this moment in time. Seems to have vanished – is he in Paris setting up the deal for the Paris episodes. He is a CSI producer.

    1. You think with all the money CSI has made for CBS that they could cough up some cash for some guaranteed rating busting episodes in Europe. . I would be interested to see how another country uses forensics in their investigations of crime. Maybe for the next Sweeps Month, Novemeber has been taken up by Ray’s three way with NY and Miami

      If they can’t do that I believe that they should at least move Grissom back to the states to a teaching position or whatever he wants to do now that he’s retired. Somewhere that Sara could either drive to or fly to without fear of Jet Lag ruining her time with the Hubby.

      WP seems to be flying under the radar lately. Maybe he doing a movie or maybe he’s working on his golf game.

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