Some videos for the New Year

It’s pretty quiet right now, so I thought you might like some videos to watch to get through the last couple work days before the New Years extravaganza!

Whose Appy Now?
From ER, circa 1997, episode 3×14 was when we all learned Maggie Doyle was gay. In a very memorable scene, she takes John Carter out shooting only to run into her ex. A stacked blond in a tight red sweater.

Random Acts
Again from ER, circa 1997, episode 3×20 was the one where Mark Greene got the crap kicked out of him by an unknown assailant. In the beginning of the episode, Doyle’s working with the crazy evangelist and quips “No meat, no men? I’m your woman!”

Happy Hell Night
Ahhh, Happy Hell Night. A truly horrific (by which I mean just plain bad) Halloween movie. Jorja plays an unnamed sorority girl who ‘seduces’ one of the main characters, only to foil his plans by zipping out before sex and getting off by the crazy killer. Whoops. Who, exactly, gets screwed, again?

1 thought on “Some videos for the New Year”

  1. The shooting range scene is one of my favs. Hilarious. The look on Carter’s face is priceless. Carter and Maggie could have made such a cute couple.

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